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April 18, 2014

TUESDAY 8.4.14

Well, we are on the road again after a few problems but hopefully all sorted now. We said goodbye to our good friend Bernie, in whose yard we have been parked, on and off, for the past 5 mths.

The first stop was at Sally’s in Brisbane to collect what mail was there but Bruce’s new licence still had not arrived so shall have to get it forwarded to friend’s in SA. Made ourselves a quick cuppa, said goodbye to Peppa then “hit the highway”, via the Ipswich bypass to Gatton. Stopped at the Big Orange for some fruit & veges- used to frequent this spot when Louise was at Uni at Gatton.

Continued on through Heifer Creek instead of up the Toowoomba range and on to Warwick. Driving through here & decided to turn south down the New England highway instead of west to Gundy.
We often make rush decisions such as this! really did this to visit a friend in Glen Innes.
About 3pm we decided to stop for the night at the QLD/NSW border at Wallangarra. There is a large area here behind the amenity block. We pulled in between 2 vans- one couple from Kippa Ring near us at home and the other couple whose family lives in Bellata! It was rather wet here as they had had 33ml rain the previous night.

This is at the border.

This beautiful old bridge is south of Stanthorpe but missed getting the whole lot while driving by.

Just drove through Tenterfield as we have been here a few times & needed to get to Glen Innes by 10am. Beautiful country at the moment coming into Tenterfield though.

Stopped at Bluff Rock for a pit stop & a couple of photos. Up through here in January & there was no green grass but at the moment there is a “green drought”.

The cattle, green grass & low clouds made for a nice early morning shot.

There were major road works in places so had a few stops but this highway is no where near as busy as the Newell or Pacific. It is a rather hilly, winding highway & probably the reason there are no a lot of semis.

We arrived at Don’s for morning tea. He is a retired horse trainer & this is in his front garden. Bruce first met Don in the early 1950s when Queenslanders used to go south in the fruit picking season, lost contact until about 6 years ago so now when we pass through we either park her for the night or just have a cuppa. We were there one winter & it was soooooo cold. Don knew what time we were arriving so he had the fire going as well as heater already turned on in the bathroom.
These weaners were being walked from Glen Innes west (about 300k) to Condoblin.

Crossed the Gwyder Rv just east of Gravesend across this very old bridge.

We arrived at “Lochearn” at 3pm and set up for a few days.
A few sunrises/sunsets at our daughter’s property.

Those are the Nandewar ranges in the background.
Bruce was still not improving so got Louise to make an appointment with her Dr to get a change of antibiotics. Just after that we got a phone call from our surgery at home asking Bruce to come back to see them as they had just got the results of his test last Monday. Ah, sorry but we are in NSW! Oh well I shall get Dr to ring you back.( Not our regular Dr)
Now the Gastroenterologist last week knew that he was on antibiotics! Anyway the results said that he should be on this certain drug for 3 weeks then return in 3 mths for a follow up. Ok, but why weren’t the drugs changed last week?
90 km trip into Narrabri yesterday for new antibiotics, which, incidently, are the ones which our regular GP always gives him. Hopefully this will help as want to hit the road on Thursday.

Well he is out of bed & a little more active to-day with much less pain only after 3 tablets. Louise left for Sydney with Matthew for swimming at 6am this morning. For the next couple of days we are doing the school bus run for Teagan & Karyna . You women all know about after school activities. Talking about school buses, I could not understand why women hated school holidays way back when. Any of us who had to drive to catch a school bus used to love the break . I knew of many who did more that the 40k our school bus stop was a day.
Matthew took Da for a drive on their Gator!

Da going for ride with Matthew at the wheel. There is never a dull moment here. Last night Teagan came out crying/laughing with a staple in her thumb. Still can not work out how she did it while trying to close stapler. She finally pulled it out herself. We could not help but laugh with her .
We left “Lochearn” Thursday morning for Narrabri to fill up the water, empty the cassette, grab a few groceries & fuel then off south towards Coonabarrabran.

Our first overnighter was just west of Warren at Sandy Creek, where we have stoped twice before. It was wet & muddy.

As we were leaving the spot Bruce noticed all these white butterflies in the tree beside the road. All the trees were covered with them.

As this trip was behind time we did not do any touristy things on the way down to SA. The country was looking rather green everywhere so far.
We decided to leave the highway and go in to Albert, a small town with about 12 permanents. This is where Jason Owens (I think that was his name) came from- he was the winner of either Australia’s Got Talent or X Factor but I can’t remember which one. Asked a local who said that he is touring with his magnificent voice.

Leaving Albert the country was not as green through here on the way down to Trundle the Condoblin.

Had a refuel at Condoblin then down through West Wyalong to Ardlethan where we were going to have our next stop. This was through grain country as well as sheep but could not see much with the trees along both sides of the road.

This is a nice little town who obviously want travellers to spend a while. They have, in the centre of town, a small spot where you can spend a few days. On the wall of the amenity block you can insert a $2 coin & hook up for 12 hours of power. There are plenty of tables, very clean toilets so why would you not stop.
Before dinner that night we wandered around taking photos, got back to van, went to take card out out of camera to computer when oops, no card in camera & stupidly had not noticed it flashing saying “no card”! So off I go again to do the photos in case raining in the morning.

This town is the home of the Kelpie.

All for this blog at the moment as food time. This was finished Good Friday & was not easy remembering over the past week. Never again will I let it go a week.


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  1. Lovely, enjoy as usual, and have a lovely and safe Easter, hope that the easter bunny comes, we shared some last night, just to check

  2. And a happy easter back to you. Where are you?

  3. Firefly permalink

    Beautiful sunsets, most enjoyable. Happy Easter x o

  4. Barb permalink

    Thank you for your blog. Great info

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