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April 6, 2014

This will only be a short post as we left Heather & Keith at Mossman and we went our separate ways after this, but after a wonderful 3 weeks, good company, lots of laughs and wonderful scenery. Even though we had seen a lot in 2009 it was good to retrace our steps.

This is down through a rain forest with beautiful trees, flowers etc. First stop was Bloomfield where we walked up to the water falls. But the reflections in the river just before the small township were magic as you can see.

The water was just so still.
Just to walk up to view the falls there is supposed to be a charge but we we saw no one around we never worried. I mean- we were walking up a rocky track so why should we have to pay?

There was not as much water coming over the falls as we thought there would be and it was in this river which we actually saw a live croc sunning himself.

2009 bridge crossing with the bridge in reasonable condition.

2012 crossing with bridge in need of repairs.

This really is a “track” with rocky creek crossings, narrow tracks up the hills.

Obviously there have been travellers taking an incorrect track here into a private property.

After slow travel we reached Cape Tribulation for lunch.

We had to wait our turn at this lookout as there was a bus tour there before us but the view is worth the wait. It looks out over the mouth of the Daintree Rv.

The road from now was all sealed, travelling through forest all the way down to the Daintree Ferry.

Just at tourist brochures say, Where the rainforest meets the sea!

Once at Daintree Heather & Keith booked for a couple of nights but we continued on back to our vans at Mossman.

The next couple are Heather’s photos.

Hooking up ready to head off in the morning. We both made use of Maureen’s washing machine to do a decent wash after the past 3 weeks of river water etc.
Also stocked up in Mossman with fresh fruit & veges- yummo- as well as some other groceries as had done none for 3 weeks but we still had a few tins left!.
I might do some more posts from the rest of our trip later.

2008 PHOTOS.
A couple of photos from our trip up the Daintree Rv in 2008 on a boat cruise.

The staghorns in the trees bordering the river are amazing- so big some of them.

Also did a drive up to the Late Dianne Cilento’s Karnock playhouse. Spoke to her about Somerville House which we had both attended. I knew that she had attended as when I started in 1957 & had 2 text books with her name on the inside cover.

The plants grow to amazing sizes up here and this frog fitted in perfectly with his colouring.


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  1. Firefly permalink

    I love those elks, they look amazing in the wild. Another great trip you have taken us on 🙂

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