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March 28, 2014

Back again & still moving north towards the “tip” Quite a way to go yet.
This was another creek crossing we had before reaching our camp spot at twin Falls further p the OTT. Between Sailor Ck & Scrubby Ck the OTT crosses the Southern & Northern Bypass Roads where there was a lot of road works, as there has been frequently all the way up, more distance being sealed as well.

There is no camping at these falls but, as you can see, they are beautiful. These are Heather’s photos as we did not go in here & unfortunately none from 2009. Keith standing admiring the view in the right.

Scrubby Creek had to be walked through to check the depth & it was also drizzling rain- Bruce was the gentleman & did not make me walk this one! One wheel of the car was a lot lower than the other because of a washout which could not be avoided.

The road into here had deteriorated drastically since 2009 as there are never any road works done on the OTT.

Finally got into Eliot/Twin Falls & set up in our allocated spot. This new booking system for QLD National Parks is not very popular, even with the park rangers. You have to pick a site in a NP, see if the one you want has not been booked then pay for your nights. That means that you have to know which nights you will be there- most folk have no idea when they will be arriving! The rangers told us that, because of this situation, travellers are booking/paying for a week (can be used later). In two places where we had tried to get bookings, Captain Billy’s Landing then Chill Beach, the sites were all booked out, but, when we drove to the east coast to have a look at these spots, most of the sites were vacant!

Sitting under this waterfall, with the pressure, gives you a fantastic massage!

After a couple of days “chilling out” here, some great massages we headed back to the Northern Bypass which would take us up to the Jardine Rv ferry.
This part of the road was really good, probably the best so far if I remember correctly.

Before we got to Jardine we decided to detour into Nolan’s Brook, another crossing on the OTT. This can also be reached but continuing on the OTT up from Twin/Eliot falls but not for us. It was a two wheel track into here as you will see.

We were a few minutes late to see a couple of vehicles exit the Brook! They were travelling north so they would have had to drop down into the water from the southern bank & exit through chest high water!!

The first photo shows the drop into the water.

No they are not Hippies but decided to set up here for a few days & dress like this! We were told that the Insurance Companies wanted this closed because they were getting sick of paying out for written off vehicles, especially ones with computers!

Keith negotiating the narrow track !
Back out to the HIGHWAY & up to Jardine Rv. Do not arrive here at lunch time because there is no service from 12-1.
Cost in 2009 & 2012 was $88 and that is a return ticked plus camping fees for any native owned land. However, in 2012 we only paid $66 because of the pension. I think that it has risen considerably since then though.

The road from the river to Bamaga was definately the worst as far as corrugations were concerned.
Arrived at Bamaga & stopped for a cuppa & something from the bakery for morning tea. Naturally Bruce had a cream bun!. Onto Seisia to fill up with fuel & to the store. Unfortunately the weekly cargo boat did not come so the store was very light on as far as groceries.

These 3 photos and the following 3 are from 2009. Logan, one of the friends we were with then , had a blow up boat & they decided they wanted to try for some fish. We were at Seisea which was a much nicer spot than Punsand Bay as it turned out .

Naturally we had to cook dinner and it was not fish.

Before we left Mossman we booked at Punsand Bay for 3 nights, so after fuelling up we headed to Punsand Bay. Well, what a road, probably no faster than 40kph. Commented on it when we got there & were told that the council had not graded it since before the 2011 wet season! There was a big grader sitting at the “Resort” but not being used.
OH, by the way, this is called Punsand Bay Beach resort. Now, we realised that it just a little way from civilization but, to be called a resort?
Three families with camper trailers, whom we had seen on & off the trip up, had to literally remove full rubbish bins from their camp sites before they could set up.
We had been put onto one site instead of 2- fortunately not a problem.
There are 2 amenity blocks and one of them had NO lights so had to take a torch if you wanted a late shower. Occasionally there would be hot water. The other block was Ok but further away & was apparently for the use of the “cabin guests” even though it was used by “campers” as well.

The first night there Keith, a dedicated fisherman, decided to get us fish for dinner. Haha that did not happen but we did get a beautiful sunset.

This fellow decided he like the tree just beside out tent.

This goanna was very inquisitive & was not in a hurry to move from beside the tent. This Croc Tent is a spot to but memorabilia from your trip.
We were so close to the water front that when the tide came in during the night it came right up to the bank! It was so noisy as well.

The first day Keith & Heather went for a day trip over to Thursday Is, which we had done in 2009 so did not go again but here are some of the photos from then.

These photos were taken from a bus tour which was worth paying for, just to hear about the World War history.

Had lunch at the “Top Pub” of Australia. Sitting there and a couple of women sat down & started chatting- they were from Bundaberg- small world indeed.

Gee that beer was good.
Shall continue from here on next blog.



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  1. Firefly permalink

    Some of those roads are ordinary but it all adds to the adventure doesn’t it 🙂

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