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March 27, 2014

We returned the 4ks back to Bramwell Junction to head north up what is called the Southern Bypass (of the OTT).

So far these corrugations were the worst. but as long as you can ride the top of them they are not too bad. Beautiful native grevilleas along here & makes for a nice drive.

These last 3 from 2009 and the road was much better at that trip.
This road divides further along with a turn going south again which takes you in to the OTT at Bertie Falls then a little further south the Dulhunty Rv which we had heard so much about as decided to have a look.

We all walked across this crystal clean flowing creek then as we wanted to go to Dulhunty Rv we crossed the creek. Note how much dirtier Keith’s vehicle is to ours- that is the difference a step makes.

It was not a long drive down to the Dulhunty- another crystal clear river. No we never encountered crocs! Fresh water.
Turned around & crossed Bertie again where we decided to have lunch.

Take note of the writing on the bull bar!
The tracks were rather narrow so if there was an oncoming vehicle one or the other had to reverse to find a pullover spot.

We got back to the T-junction & were not heading north again towards Gunshot Creek .

And we met Graeme again.

Now we detoured in to have a look at Gunshot Creek- another eye opener as to what happens to vehicles.

The last 3 are 2009 and we could actually drive right to the creek edge but not 2012 as road deteriorated badly on the northern entrance so we had to slip & slide (walking) through some mud but all fun.

This bull bar was left here after if was “ripped off” the vehicle! A couple of days before we were there. It was leaning against a tree. Vehicle had probably come down the vertical drop.

More money than sense as far as we are concerned. Ok they are 4WD enthusiasts BUT?

The following photos are another vehicle which has come from the north approach (where we had to walk) & is going south via what is called the “Chicken Run!. Not going the way the Nissan come down.
He almost slipped to the left on his way up .

Well we were there about an hour I guess & as we wanted to get to Twin falls by late afternoon we headed off. We rejoined the actual OTT a little further on as knew it was ok .Bruce & I knew that we had one creek to cross called Cockatoo Creek so we hoped that it would still be OK.
The approach down the hill was not the best though with lots of exposed tree roots to contend with.

After we had all waded through & found the deep holes to be missed all was fine- the bottom is all rock so no problems with bogging. Heather & I stood either side – like guide posts- of the couple of holes we did not want the men to hit under water. Keith’s legs much shorter than Bruce’s!

He could not be bothered unloading everything this time!

Came to this beautiful lagoon a little further on and the road condition had deteriorated a lot since 2009.

This road was really rough so it was slow travel with the next crossing , Sailor Ck, which was no problem .

Here the southern bypass crossed the old OTT and becomes the northern bypass up to the Jardine RV.
The next beautiful spots will be Fruit Bat falls then Twin falls where we spent a couple of nights.
Back soon.


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  1. Firefly permalink

    Stunning country up there that’s for sure. 🙂

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