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March 26, 2014

Sunday 9th July
Well we set our tents up with the intention of sopping for one night! the following photos show why we decide =d to spend a second night here- apart from celebrating Bruce’s birthday. Heather & I should have set up a coffee & scones stall for the Monday.

Well this is what the approaches into Palm Creek were like when we got there Sunday afternoon, in not TOO bad condition. However the road soon deteriorated after about 22 vehicles crossed Sunday afternooon. There were quad bikes, a push bike, cars, utes, some with camper trailers behind & boats on top. They ALL had to be either snatch strapped put or winched out. There were even ones travelling alone so had to depend on someone else to help them out.

Bruce was forever telling people not to stand close to the winch/ snatch straps unless they wanted to be beheaded if one broke- they looked at him stupidly!
The car owners would try to lay logs in the water to drive over but not with much success. Coming down from the south (heading north) every vehicle just slipped into one bank therefore rubbing mirrors etc.

Monday bought more of this “entertainment”. Graeme caught up with us here. He totally dismantled everything from his bike then carried it all to the other side.

The bike riders would arrive, diligently remove all the logs from the mud/water before they tried to cross. Last photo you can see the bike on top of the rider.
There was a father & son on quad bikes & they had to be pulled up the north side.

The following 2 are not my photos but shows what does happen.

These were father & son on motor bikes.

Monday night Heather had a bottle of bubbly & I made a “funny cake” for Bruce’s birthday around the camp fire.

We were just getting ready for bed when saw lights coming towards the northern approach- at this time of night! Anyway, there was, if I remember correctly, 4 vehicles. Some of the children were running around & ones names was Connor and he looked familiar! anyway asked him if his Mum’s name was Marcena which it was. Could not believe this. Marcena is one of our daughter’s best friend who at that time was living in Vic & we had not seen them since 2010 in WA! As soon as I saw the number plate we also realised who it was.
Anyway, watched & talked while they pulled each other over the creek, lots of laughter etc, Meanwhile while all this was going on Connor’s 2 baby sisters slept through the whole couple of hours in their car seats!

That was Palm Creek & no, we never had any intention of going up the OTT from there.


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  1. Firefly permalink

    Wow some amazing shots guys. What do you do with your vehicle when it ends upside down like that? Too scary for me I’m afraid.

  2. I guess they just get them written off !.

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