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March 24, 2014

Will start this trip just from Mossman where we met up with Bruce’s cousin and his wife, Keith and Heather.

Bruceand myself, my second cousin Maureen and her husband Peter at whose cane farm we left our caravans as we were “tenting” it up the Cape. Friends of theirs and Keith. This is the second time Maureen and Peter have looked after our vans and so once again to both of you, many thanks.
The other photo is the morning of our departure. Travelled up the range to Mt Molloy to the T-junction where we headed north towards Cooktown.

This is a beautiful highway with not a lot of traffic, and we stopped at this lookout for a cuppa before reaching Palmer Rv Roadhouse where we had another stop for Heather and Keith to check out this Roadhouse.

This Roadhouse has got everything for the traveller- especially great Hamburgers apparently. On to Lakeland which was going to be out lunch stop and this is where the road divides to head up to Cooktown or continue up the Cape.
Tyres let down & into 4WD no w on the dirt roads.
Laura was our next stop for wander around but we could not see too many changes since 2009 except for the high level bridge over the Laura Rv under construction.

This bridge would now be open allowing for more travel in the wet season if necessary.

Last 2 photos from 2009 with Sharon & John and Logan who we did this trip with and had a ball.
As it was mid afternoon we decided to spend our first night at #764 in Camps 7, the Kennedy Rv which had beautiful clean running water for showers etc- the men had to carry it up the short bank though.
Had settled down for a cuppa & a couple pulled in, she camp over & asked us which way we were heading- “North”.
“Oh, the roads are atrocious!” was her comment. I then asked her where she was from – “Sydney’.
After that we decided to wait to form our own opinions on the condition of the roads. Sure there were some corrugations but if you can “ride them” they are usually not a problem. Not a lot of bulldust, many dips which needed to be right down to 1st as it was not possible to tell how bad they were, especially if there were water puddles. It is amazing how many drivers you see not even applying their brakes! There was, as usual, dills sailing around bends, on corrugations, camper trailers swaying from side to side then wonder why there is an accident, either to them or a head on with some poor unsuspecting traveller coming in the opposite direction. Another bad problem is that, because of the dusty conditions, drivers who will not drive with headlights which is a must. Also folk travelling in a convoy need to advise on coming traffic how many vehicles could possibly be behind them in the dust (& maybe not have lights turned on).

This was our only mishap- our aerial needed a little more insulation tape to secure it!

Now approaching Musgrave Telegraph Station which was a hive of activity. There were folk refuelling for the trip north as well as south as it was the end of the school holidays it was a busy time.
On the way back, this is where we will be heading east towards Kalpower NP then Cooktown.

We had a cuppa here before hitting the road again.

[ mossman, kennedy rv #764,hann rv, laura, musgrave


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  1. Great post Kay! Did you forget to put the word tags inside the bracket?
    [ mossman, kennedy rv #764,hann rv, laura, musgrave

  2. Firefly permalink

    I so envy your time on the road. We are so house bound at present. Love your reports Kay, thanks for posting again 🙂

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