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Moogerah Dam

October 31, 2013

Last week we spent the week with Heather & Keith at Moogerah dam, just off the Cunningham Highway from Aratula.
We needed a week doing nothing after doing just over 22,000 klms in the past 7 mths!
There are many different species of water bird life here but not a lot of fish! Bruce caught only one from the boat ramp & I think Keith & Heather only 4 while out kyaking. The redclaw pots were put out but none of those there at all. A local told us that in all the years they have owned a cabin they have seen none.
While there we did a day trip over to Beaudesert- a very windy road as well as up & down hills- not good for a motion sickness person.
As Heather’s family were from this area we went with them for her to go down memory lane- she was very fortunate to get permission from owners to take a photo of her parents home with her standing in the same position as an old photo of her mother in front of the home.

This is a camp spot at the turnoff from the Cunningham highway. We stopped here on the Saturday night so that we could get in to the dam early on Sunday. Not recommended as the traffic, for anyone who has trouble sleeping, is very heavy & many semis even though it was a Saturday night.

Bruce pretending that he was doing the washing & Keith chopping wood. We only had 3 good nights that we could light a fire as it was so windy.
Keith & Heather taking off in to catch a fish- hopefully.

The sunsets were just wonderful.
Sorry to bore you with so many photos but I think by now you all know how I love sunrise/sunsets.

Early mornings there was always fog over the ranges.

The bird life was prolific- still have not got my bird book!

We had lunch around at the dam wall on one of the day drives.

Could not resist taking these couple of photos.

From the Dam wall opposite the park. The day we arrived it was not possible to see the the water front from our vans – to the right behind the trees- but during the week we had water front views.

On the way out & my camera with panorama had a flat battery & these would not stitch together very well.

The following photos are Heather’s from the Kayak.

We called into daughter’s in Brisbane on way through and had lunch with them.
Neighbours 2 children beat Emily & Chloe out to the van when we pulled up- calling out Oma & Da. They also speak to us on skype if the are with the girls when we speak.


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