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September 28, 2013

FRIDAY 20.9.13
Not a lot has happened since leaving Talwood on Wednesday. A couple of photos from this tiny township and the recreation area.

There were lots of these trees around town with a wonderful perfume but I do not know what they are called.

These 2 signs are in the front of an old shop ? second hand but then again prices on some of the items indicate that it could possibly be selling new items as well.

This recreation ground has 7 power outlets behind the amenity block but 2 of those are taken by 2 couples who are working at the silos. There are power leads just snaking across the ground wherever. The night it rained one person who had 2 leads joined together and got water in them because they were just lying on the ground. The showers were often cold because there is only a small household hot water system. The water is not too bad and an outside tap to fill vans if needed. The donation box is around at the shop so hopefully it is being used. There is a caretaker who drives around saying hello every morning.
When we got there the whole area around the amenity block was full but that did not worry us as we always go in the open for the sun. However the third day it was fully overcast and there were a few spots at the power outlets so we moved because no sun for the solar. That night the gusty wind and rain started, as it did over lots of areas apparently- only news we had was ABC as no TV. Made sure the awning had all its ropes etc in place. It is times like this that not safe to be under any kind of trees but no possible to move so we hoped for the best.
Only supposed to be here 72 hours but as yours truly was not feeling the best we stayed for another night. The caretaker kept saying to stay as long as we liked!
We left Talwood for the long trip down to Boomi- about 45klms!

Have not seen bridges with this old kind of surface in many a year. Very rough going over the bolts!

The turkey nest water storage facilities around here are huge- they would not have been cheap to build either. We think the crops we saw were mainly Barley.
About halfway along we were at the NSW border and the McIntyre rv border with the old and new bridges.

Soon arrived at the small town of Boomi, becoming very well know because of their new artesian spa baths.
Pulled into the small van park which was almost full.

This park is $18pn plus $5pp/pd to use the pool facilities.

This is the artesian pool which this afternoon is 39.7- way too hot for us.
The pools are all under cover with the artesian enclosed on two sides. The water temp is 38-39 degrees-hot. It is only comfortable to stay in the water for about 15 minutes at a time them have to get out to cool down. Drinking water while there is also a must. The pools are open 10-12 and 2-5 daily. The local shop looks after the total complex.
The amenity block is just like home in your ensuite- there are four of them each with toilet, shower, handbasin, exhaust fan! These facilities were opened about two years ago.
All the travellers we have spoken to here advise not to think about a meal at the pub- not good but the beer OK!

A couple who have been here for a month light the drum fire every evening but they are going Monday.
These budgies came wandering by this morning.

We went for a wander around town, two blocks this morning. Most of these old places look as though they are inhabited but I think a gust of wind could cause serious damage.

Bruce came back from the shop the day we got here with a box of hot chips & they were really well cooked so to-day we are having fish (mine) chips(shop) and salad for lunch.

This is basically the last blog of the current trip. Might do an occasional one when we do some short trips until we get back into our home at end of February. Safe travel to you all.


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    Enjoyed your blog very much guys, thanks for sharing x o

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