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September 16, 2013

Well it is a while since I have done any more blog as there really has not been a great deal to talk about.
We left Noccundra on the Monday heading towards Eulo. There was not a lot to see on this road, except road kill every few metres, caused by kangaroos coming to the roadside to find any green pickings for food.

We went into Eulo but decided not to stop behind the pub this time so went back to beside the Paroo Rv which is on the western approach to town. Once again a very dusty rest area but for one night it was OK.
Had to give way to the local traffic in the main street/highway as we drove through.

This tiny store is a local Opal spot- there are opal fields at Yowah, not too far away.

We noticed many wattles coming into flower as we drove along. Well, we thought that they were wattle but the flowers were a very pale colour so stopped to have a good look. There was no need to see the flowers close up, because once I opened the door the perfume was over whelming.

As we came into Cunnamulla there were about eight Brolgas beside the road. Naturally had to stop for photo.

Cunnamulla was not too far along so stopped there to fill the water tanks and get fuel. Cunnamulla has never impressed me but this time with all the flowers in bloom around the streets it looked rather nice.

The Warrego Rv is the cleanest water we have seen so far, and of course there is the Cunnamulla fella perched on his swag.

In a yard waiting to be transported for live export were many goats destined for the restaurant markets.

Our next stop was Bollon beside Wallam Ck (third time here). This is a great spot which has now a toilet block with a donation box, proceeds going to the Bush nursing. There is now a concrete walkway along the bank into town where there are showersand it is just a short walk into town. The dump site at the entrance to this site with water taps at various intervals with good water to fill van tanks. We stayed here for three nights just “chilling out”. The Balonne Shire got flood relief money so some was used on the toilets and walkway.
Had been told that the produce agency has a cold room with fruit and veges so stopped on way out for a bit of fruit. Very reasonably priced as well.

About 100 klms further along we stopped at St George for fuel and a food shop. There is a Foodworks as well as IGA here in St George. As we had stopped opposite the bakery decided to see what they had. It was crowded so that is always a good sign! Came out with a huge Beesting. The best I have ever tasted I think. It is hard to imagine the devastation caused here after all the recent floods but we could not see any evidence of what had happened.

The cotton around St George appears to have all been harvested. Further along there were about 3,000 head of cattle walking from Longreach down to Hay, on agistment.

There appeared to be only two drovers that we could see and they had a lot of spare horses. In the heat they would need to change them often. Did notice where their support vehicle was though.
Another 44 klms south & we were at Nindigully Hotel for the night, this was the 13th. Had not been here before but heard so much about it we had to see for ourselves. There must have been at least 50 campers here! Apparently you used to be able to park beside the river but there is now a concrete walkway and bollards preventing that. Maybe the Ballonne shire used some of their flood money here as well.

Went to the amenity block but “out of order” signs on the three doors! The toilets and showers at the hotel were available to use. Love the signs on the shower doors.

They have a happy hour at 4.30 with $3 pots as well as $3 house red or white. Like most other folk we decided to go for a drink. Bruce had a beer which was fine. I decided to try the house white which I knew would not be a brilliant wine, and it wasn’t, but it also came in a plastic cup! Yuk, nothing worse. To make matters worse, Joan got her wine in a glass and another lady we were with got hers in a plastic “Nindigully” wine glass. We had already checked out the menu so as soon as it was 5.30 we all went in to order. There was a mixed grill comprising of 2 snags, 2 lamb chops, 2 eggs, 2 fillet steak, chips, veges and bacon. Ok that sounds good. Now it was $48 but the menu says enough for two people and an extra plate is $3! Why not just make one order $24, half the food & put on two plates??

When Mike came back with his & Joan’s I asked where his second plate was? Went into bar for Joan’s plate and got it free!
Appears to be Rafferty’s rules in there. Anyway the food really was great, meat very tender & Brue even ate a runny egg!

The area down at the end of this walkway must have had at least 30 campers, trying to get under trees for shade. Gum trees are just widow makers & we will not park under them and anyway need the sun for solar panels, which I am sure many of the vans down there would have on their roofs.

These Bouganvilleas will grow anywhere and are always full of colour. There were plenty of outside tables to sit at to eat and another bonus was no music playing loudly making it difficult to talk.

My opinion of Nindigully- been there, done that! Great food though. River like mud so did not even think of throwing the line in.
What is it with some folk? When we were at Bollon this motor home came in and parked almost on our doorstop, when it is a large area with plenty of room to not crowd campers. Could not believe it when they arrived here and did the same thing but at least their door opened away from us this time. Hat it when night time curtains have to be pulled over for privacy.
Packed up, said goodbye to Mike and Joan with the promise to make contact when we both back home- they live south side of Brisbane Rv. A long trip to-day, 65 klms down to Tallwood to the Recreation grounds which we had been told were a good spot for 72 hours if needed. There is a donation box at the store (wonder how many use it) There are hot showers, toilets, good water & seven power outlets. When we got here the was about seven vans all packed in around the amenity block but we went for the open space. Later found out that they were all hooked up to power.
Good hot weather Sunday until mid afternoon but then became overcast. Because all but two of the vans beside the amenity block left yesterday, this morning, Monday, we decided to spend another night here instead of travelling in the drizzling rain down to Boomi. However we moved to where we could plug into power because of the lack of sunshine. Shall just put more in the donation box when we leave.


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  1. Nice work, thank you for sharing. Ralph.

  2. dazren permalink

    Thank you again, A most enjoyable trip, Ecept for that bloody motorhome on the doorstep ? And my mouth is still watering from that mixed grill ?? Looked great !! I jst love a GOOD mixed grill

  3. Thanks for comments fellow travellers.

  4. Love your photos, and the commentary, I (Sandra) have had to buy another camera, only a cheap one, when we find somewhere to look at mine, then I can have two, miss it at the moment, there have been some good things that I wanted to photo, Dennis’s is big, and over the back seat, never mind, Murphys law again

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