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August 28, 2013

Left the overnight rest area after a warm night- so good not to have the cold weather.

The pink & blue hues from the sunset which we could not see because of the trees.

Well we had lunch in Ceduna yesterday, filled up with water then came on to this tiny van park at Wirrulla where we had stopped in 2010. it is a great tiny spot with only 4 power points, very hot showers with great pressure. Have to get the key from the general Store & it is $10/night. The whole area is concrete as though it could possible have been a sport ground, maybe. Wanted to go to the pub for dinner last night but new owners apparently & they do not open on Sundays.
I did the usual house work when we got here, big wash to-day as well as making HWMBO his usual custard to have with his ice cream.
We finally got our meal at the pub last night- King George Whiting and prawns- both local seafood & was work wandering over the road for dinner. Weather is great- summer clothes again. Passed through a couple of small towns to-day. The properties are really looking wonderful with all the grain crops well established. There is certainly going to be a glut of wheat this year going by what we have seen in all the wheat belts in WA & now in SA as well.
We got to Minippa & decided to go in to Pildappa rock for lunch. The difference in the colour of the surrounding country comparing it with 2010 photo.

Of course we had to do the climb again- have really lost count of the number of “rocks” we have camped at, walked around, up, over. I think that we are rocked out!
There were also plenty of daisies everywhere as well as some different flowers.

A little way back to the highway we drove up to Minippa Hill for another look.

Once again around the bottom of the rocks is evidence of the small “walls” that were built to collect water & divert to the two tanks in the above photo.

These are huge tanks & would love to know the capacity. The water is totally green with algae under the covers.

Purple probably Paterson’s Curse.
The next few are from 2010 when, from Pildappa, we went for a day trip into the Gawler ranges NP.

We thought that the pipes at Sawn Rocks Narrabri were much more impressive than these- they are more uniform.

Wudina is a town that really caters to the Primary producer, very evident by the HUGE machinery for sale.

This is a 2010 photo as did not take any to-day, except the sandstone sculpture .

These Desert peas were vey sick looking but found this busy bee in a tree next door.
For Highway 1 there was not a lot of traffic on the road. Until we got to Ceduna yesterday there were dozens of semis heading both ways but the number has decreased dramatically! Surely they do not detour down to Port Lincoln! There have been a lot of caravans heading west since we have left Norseman & am assuming they are going to get the wildflowers in September.
Last night we stopped at #542 at Kimba- at the recreation reserve. Well what a good spot. It now has showers $1/3 mins ^ this is what they look like.

It is iin a small building beside the toilet block- totally enclosed so that there is not wind coming in anywhere. My kind of shower.
Would you believe. We set up & naturally Bruce is soon talking to the couple next door . i know it is a small world but this is ridiculous. They are about a klm from us at home & the same builder built both of our homes. They are much younger, she from the Office at one of the Colleges there taking 12 mths leave & he has retires from aged care.
Went for a drive up the obligitory lookout hill which seems to be on the hill where the communication towers are in these towns.

This cave walk was a sort of “rip off” Took 2 mins to walk & this is the cave.

Once again took the photo of the Big Galah.

and then the Halfway across Australia sign.

Travelling east towards Iron Knob, about 80ks, was an uninteresting drive. Not a lot of traffic & nothing to see.

Iron Knob is rather a tired looking little town. The original Iron Knob mine closed in 1999 because the mineral was getting too deep to dig but now should be opened again by the end of this year.

A couple of pretty flowers.

Only came about another 40ks to the Camp site #533 as we want to get into Port Augusta by mid morning to-morrow to try to get a site at the stop #532. Have a few things to get in town & waiting to see Lesley & Erich when they arrive on Friday.


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  1. Lovely photos as usual, I am sure that we have been to iron knob, Dennis says no, have to wait until we get there to find out who wins.

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