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August 25, 2013

Left one spot with whales this morning (free viewing) & on the way to Nullabor.

Not a great sunrise this morning & the road ahead filled with nothingness.

Stopped at the roadhouse for lunch then 14ks down the road to the head of the Bight Whale watching centre. No not like having to pay to go & see these magnificent creatures free in the ocean but it is on land owned by others. It is no $12 pp pen. Gone up $2 since 2010. There were others there also complaining about having to pay but nothing can be done about the situation. As Bruce would not be able to go on a Whale watching boat because of the movement it is the best way for him (us) to view them. Before we paid we made sure that there were whales down there.
Now after all my complaining we had a wonderful show. There were about 8 mothers with calves, one of the calves really playing non stop. It was hard to decide which couple to watch.
There must have been about 40 travellers watching.
Can’t decide which photos to post so hope you don’t get bored.

A couple of photos which did not stitch very well- my bad photography.

We spent probably an hour here & there was an awfully cold wind blowing as well but worth that discomfort.
Back on the road again for our stop just 10k east of Nundroo Roadhouse.
Also back into civilization with grain crops appearing! Coming into many windmills & if I remember, Penong 69k down the road, is know for the many windmills on the properties.

Deserted farm homes look so lonely!

Well we are just about at Ceduna & once again this trip across the Nullabor has been wonderful- everything so green this time. Love the rest stops where you can exit the highway, drive past about 8 vans which we did 2 nights ago and find a spot further in from the road noise & not see one of the vans. You just wind your way through the trees, find a spot & spend a night with no noise at all- could be the only people for hundreds of klms. The majority of these spots have plenty of rubbish bins and many have windy loos.


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  1. cant wait to see this, another one of our bucket list to do. Did you get our latest Penenjorie to Jurien Bay ?? dont know if people receive them or not.

    • Hi. Yes, getting them all but because limited time at roadhouses not doing much emailing but just arrived at tiny Wirrulla, 90k east of Ceduna . $20 /2 nights- need to stop & smell the roses or rather do some washing. We stopped here 3 years ago but unfortunately an item of clothing which we left on line was not there- wonder why? Filled water at BP servo coming into Ceduna – at the dump point but only place so before touching anything I poured dettol over everything! We were basically empty so had to fill up & I had remembered that the only water here is a tap on the water tank but there is power, great hot, strong showers. Have swept, changed linen, soaked washing, showered, now cuppa time 3pm. The whales were wonderful. Hugs to you both

  2. OMA good morning
    Enjoyed your photos, we have so many plans on our to do list and this one has just been moved up closer to the front.
    Thank you for sharing them. Ralph

    • They were just wonderful. Enjoy your travels while you are still able- that is our thoughts.

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