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August 24, 2013

Well we left Goomalling this morning & headed south to Northam to do a big grocery shop, fuel gas bottle refills then eastward bound.
We got over to Cunderdin on the Great Eastern Highway where we were going to head south towards Wave Rock. Pulled into this town & the first thing that we noticed was this building.

There used to be a vehicle on top but a severe wind a while ago made it unsafe so it was removed. Apparently there used to be one in Perth as well but it was demolished (so we were told).

We then had a wander around the museum & water pump station. Usual machinery in the museum which has been donated by local farmers.
The pump was huge but hard to tell from photos.

They have a railway carriage with the dining room set up & old photos around the walls.

Also in the carriage there is a boy’s dream- a minature railway.

It is in a glass case so rather hard to get photos but you get the idea.

This plane is also hanging in the ceiling.

I had to stitch two vertical photos of the stack to get it all in- sooooo high!

This sign seemed a little out of place in this building!

This was also had to take with the reflections etc in the glass case.

Wool press with the sorting table.

This is a corn shredder, motor run.

Notice the headlight covers- they did nothing to help with the lights either.

These pump stations were along the Golden Pipeline which runs from Mundaring to Coolgardie. This pipeline was built between 1898 & 1903. In 1891 the WA Premier Sir John Forrest he employed C.Y.O’Connor an Irish born engineer working in NZ to investigate the water situation east to the gold fields. The scheme cost 2,655,220 pounds& was turned on in Jan 1903. 10 months after the suicide of the engineer in March 1902- he had been under intense strain both personally & professionally. Further info go TO WWW.GOLDENPIPELINE.COM.AU.
The first night we only went as far as Quairading, an $18/night small van park where you have to collect the key from the council (for the amenity block). Stopped there & had all the groceries to find places for as had not put them away since leaving Northam. Oh, by the way, a Northam local stopped to talk as we got back from the grocery shopping. He told us that there was a parking place along the river bank where it is possible to plug into power & water for the day- no charge- just being nice to tourists! How good is that. Wander around town or even unhook & drive around for the day.

As we headed south towards Cunderdin there was, what looked like, a line of clouds right across the horizon in front of us- as it got closer it became clear that it was a rapidly moving fog.

Driving south we are still passing grain & canola properties, all looking as though there will be good returns from this crop.

Because of road works we were not able to stop to have a good look at this cemetery. We had seen a cemetery sign with a dog statue on top & wondered why. A few metres further on we came to this dog cemetery – not great photos because of where we were.

Also along this road there were, beside properties, farm vehicles with dog statues! Could not work out what they were about until we saw one with this sign –almost missed & could not stop as traffic behind us.

This is referring to Corrigin township & countryside. Aptly named because all farm utes we saw really did have dog/dogs in the back. All we did here was go to Post Office to withdraw some of those things called $!
The next town we passed through was Kondinin with out stopping as we had spent the night here in 2010. From here it was east over to Hyden. We happened to stop in front of the Bush Bakery & guess what we had for lunch- the nicest pies we have had for a very long time. Mine was a chicken & veges with Bruce choosing a steak & mushrooms- they were at least 2“ high. Ok I am still in the old measurements! Tried to fill up at the BP fuel depot but would not work with card- bugger- it was 11c cheaper than at the BP servo.
Once again took these photo depicting early life in Hyden.

We did not stop at the Wave rock again but here are some photos from 2010.

The Hippo.

We think that Kokerbin, Elachbatting & Beringbodding rocks are just as impressive as this one.
Fifty klms east of Hyden we were once again on gravel road, and still travelling through mainly wheat paddocks now. There has obviously been a lot of rain through here recently & now being on this road we can understand why it was closed after 20 ml rain in 2010 when we wanted to travel this way.

We had decided to spent Tuesday (last night) at the Breakaways rest area. However, it was not the easiest to find. There are none of the usual signs indication rest areas but brown signs with what looks like a camera & saying eg site 7 which turned out to be the Breakaways. We eventually called the grader driver on the UHF to ask where they were. We had gone about 5ks past the turn. Eventually found the spot & how beautiful it was.

Totally alone as well.

The last 2 with the early morning sun just reaching them.

Another gum tree with the bark waving in the wind.
Driving along this road we noticed many mine site entrances but did not meet many road trains. However we pulled over to read a couple of mine signs where these flowers were.

Even along this road there are different flowers to see.

Another rock for us to explore in the horrible cold wind- this one was an easy walk with signs to read.


While we were coming across this road we came across a fatal car accident. Apparently it had happened the previous night but not discovered until this morning. It looked as though it was a roll over on a corner. The Police were there & a few klms further on we met the tow truck coming from Norseman.

Took this from where we had lunch at Lake Johnson. There were many different flowers along this road so we were once again stopping for photos.

This was a silky looking grass- rather nice I thought.

We were soon at this highway just north of Norseman & from there it is all eastward bound.
Took the obligitory camels at the roundabout once again.

We had a cuppa , got fuel, spoke to a couple of other travellers, one couple in a Bushtracker who was heading up to Laverton to meet up with about 10 other Bushtrackers & go east across the Great Central Road. They were telling us that they had taken the van into the Bungles!

Our first stop was at Baxter rest area, a huge area which winds back from the road.There were about 7 others there but all far apart. That night was very cold, got down to 6 degrees in the van in the morning, consequently we did not get out of bed until well after 8am.

This is what the silver bush looks like, very silver leaves.


This lake does not have a name that we could find but it is at the Fraser Range rest area. Remembered that in 201 there was not water in sight & we spoke to a Sydney couple who have been driving tover to Perth for 28 years & they said that it is the first time they have seen water in the lake. They also commented that they have never seen so many eagles as on this trip. They used to caravan across but now stay in motels or cabins but for the first time they stopped at the motel at Cocklebiddy but never again. For $130 all they got was a bed,which was good, a jug, one chair, no table & no toaster so they were having sandwiches for brekky when we saw them.

These pretty little flowers are everywhere.

This is before the top flowers come into bloom.
This was a reverse back- no traffic coming fortunately.

Stopped at Balladonia Roadhouse to get only $20 fuel to take us to Mundrabilla. It was $2.03/litre!
I went inside to check out the Capital city clocks which they have in there with that states time. We asked them in 2010 why there was no Brisbane or Sydney up there- don’t know but will ask the boss. They are still not up there & was told that they were “too far away”.
Once again the RFDS have landing strips along the highway- have seen 3 so far between Norseman & Eucla.

This one was having a feed of road kill but could not stop for photo- semi behind us.

This really is a straight road- not a curve.

Brenda, thought of you each time we came to a hill!

This was a 11 metre wide load so had to get right off the road.

We inquired whether we could get to the Eyre Bird sanctuary but were told no. They were working on the escarpment which had been water damaged & that our vehicle would be far too heavy to come back- that is just the Nissan as have to unhook vans apparently.

Just,before we got to the Madura Pass these magnificent birds were having a feed. We turned around when realising that they had not moved. Bruce stopped a distance from them & I walked up to them really close. One took off but the other stayed until I got even closer.

Hard to tell here but in the background is lush green country, compared to what we saw in 2010- everything was brown. This was taken from the Madura Lookout.

Not great photos but there were two here & one took off as we got closer.

I am surprised that this is only the second cyclist that we have seen on the road.
Next stop to-day was Eucla where we went down to the ruin of the telegraph station.

Just another pretty, different flower growing in the sand at the ruin.

Another little bush beside these monuments in Eucla.
The Eucla airstrip. Left here & 12 klms down the road we were at the SA border.

Decided to stop for the night about 40klms east of Eucla at one of the rest areas overlooking the ocean. it is not even windy which is a big plus. Got out of the car to see women with binoculars looking ^ pointing out to the ocean. Had to have a look & sure enough there were 2 whales. Changed lens on camera & decided to walk right down as far as I could towards the ocean as it was not a difficult walk.

Wonderful seeing these magnificent creatures. Hope they are still here in the morning now hopefully there will be a sunset to finish the day.
Sitting having dinner & noticed that there were probably going to be too many clouds.

This was more evident than the sunset in the west.

This was as good as it got. Now for a water sunrise in the morning. No sunrise worth taking a photo so shall post this as soon as in service.



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  1. Firefly permalink

    Spectacular once again Kay. 🙂

    What a treat to see the whales, just magnificant.

  2. We have seen so many wonderful things, especially the wreath flowers, would love to see the amount of whales that you have, enjoy what you are doing, we are. Sandra and Dennis

  3. geoff and bev permalink

    Hi. We too have really enjoyed the trip back across. We had to go to the other side of the road for one eagle as he was just not moving. Did you see the truck trailer on fire 62 kms west of Caiguna?
    Geoff and Bev

    • NO we never saw the fire, must have been behind us. Now at $10/night Wirrulla fro 2 nights- smelling the roses as the saying goes but really washing etc. Might C U on the road. Or back in QLD?
      We are heading up to Roxby Downs after Port Augusta, back to MaRREE then up the Birdsville track while we have the opportunity.Cheers Kay & Bruce

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