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August 18, 2013

17.8.13 SATURDAY
Well, after a teary,(sob sob) goodbye to Catriana & Chuck we left Dalwallinu not knowing when or where we will catch up with them again- hopefully QLD next year. We have had such fun catching up with them in various places on this trip- celebrating birthdays, wedding anniversaries, shaving beards, learning to use Baby Q, sharing different recipes and photos.
Bye dear friends “Until we meet again”

We decide to detour into Petruder Rocks for another look on the way south to Wongan Hills.

This drive is along the Wattle Way which is very obvious with all the wattles which are coming into bloom.

Could not resist taking this because there was not a ripple on the water.

A couple of very busy bees.

How much better does this look?

Once again we were travelling through broad acre farming with grains & canola. Many of these farms have drains all through the paddocks to keep the salt water table down- collects the water & diverts of from fields.

This little fellow was looking to get run over.

Back at Goomalling Van Park for the weekend to wash, bake etc etc. Monday we head 45ks down to Northam to do a big shop, fill gas bottles, get fuel before going to Wave Rock (saw in 2010) as we want to go across to Norseman from here instead of going up to Kalgoorlie or right down to Esperance. The road had been closed in 2010 due to about 10ml rain but some locals told us that it is now an all weather road- hope that is correct.
A very short blog to-day. Probably be very spasmodic once we start heading across the Nullabor, hopefully by Thursday at the latest.


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  1. You are at least one month in front, we still havent got to Kalgoorlie, enjoy

  2. I liked him WITH the fluff. Sad day Bruce.

    • Not a sad day at all. Have my husband back & it was his choice and he must have realised how much I disliked the dam thing. Cheers to you both from both of us- Oh a hug as well. We will be, hopefully, halfway across the road from Wave Rock to Norseman this afternoon.

  3. Dot & George permalink

    Great stuff Kay, are those roads ok for our bus and are there spots to stop o/night?

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