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August 16, 2013

Tuesday 13.8.13.
At last have seen some of the ground orchids, which we would never have found but for a lady from the caravan park who knew where they were. They are so tiny & delicate.

With Sandra & Dennis and Catriana & Chuck, we went to the Sport Club Sunday night for $10 fish & chips- well was it a huge feed & the fish, we were told was Emperor & was rather nice. Another couple joined our table & we had a good evening.

The men decided that they needed some port so it was into our van – a little squashy but the 5 of us managed to sit.

These are growing in the van park grounds- so pretty.


Our last night at Perenjori we decided to light the fire early (4pm) & cook our dinner out there.

Potatos, sweet spuds & onions in foil with steak, eggs & tomato plus Sandra had a bottle of bubbly.
Saying goodbye to Sandra &Dennis until heavens knows when- hopefully they will be over to QLD next year as on the road full time. We net them in 2011 down at Hay & have kept in contact.

As we were booked into Dalwallinu for 3 nights we could have gone straight down the highway but decided to head east along the Wannara road, the way we came in, as wanted to go back to Camel Soak to try to find the orchids out there now that we knew what to look for.

These are everywhere & called Resurrection plants or Pin cushions.

Bruce found this first cluster of tiny Fairy orchids- so hard to spot as they are usually under low bushes, but saw a few places where they are growing.
However I spotted this beautiful Cowslip orchid, but only the one cluster of them.

Got back out to the busy mine road (Wannara East) where there are a lot of road trains carting Iron Ore rom Mt Gibson mine to the train siding at Perenjori.

We were once again at the 500 mt stretch of Wreath Flowers and since last Thursday there are twice as many more in bloom & on both sides of the road. I could not go without taking some more of these magnificent flowers. Sorry to bore readers.

There were quite a lot of folk there taking their photos- mine trucks honking on horns as they sped past.

10 days ago there were none evident on this side of the road!
Had to take photos of the other bushes as well.

There were a couple of busy insects in this Hakea flower.

Just at the end of this road is Mt Gibson Iron Ore mine.

Stopped for lunch at the Jibberding Rock 23 ks nth of Wubin, where we had spent a night the previous week. The carpets of everlastings were just coming out then but this week it was a sea of white, but only a few pink.

Had a wander around Wubin to see it anything had changed since 2010 but apparently not. There are 2 servos here with the BP being a busy truckie stop.


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