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August 16, 2013

Arrived here Thursday & set up beside Catriana & Chuck again only to find that Neil & Cheryl (CF) are here- met them up at Mullawa a few weeks ago.
Yesterday the four of us did a day trip up to Buntine Rock, 16ks nth of Wubin. It was drizzling but that did not stop we women from walking through the bushes. ONlhy had walked a few steps & saw our first orchid.

We only saw 2 of these tiny ones but various other natives, many of which we do not know names which is not unusual.

These 2 are not open yet- could possibly even be a weed for all we knew but the bush with the buds looks like a native tree.

It was not easy wandering through the bushes with camera, wind, drizzles & umbrella but we managed with out tripping over the rocks or roots. The men sat in the car & gossiped! Bruce had already been up this rock twice so he was not interested as we camped here in 2010 & again about 2 weeks ago.

This is a badly stitched photo but is a part of the 360 degree view from the top of the rock

I took these last 2 about 3 weeks ago & notice the difference in the crops!
After we left Buntine Rock we were back in Wubin. lunch time, so went into the Truck stop at the BP. What friendly staff! We decided that we would have a cup of chips so she made fresh ones for us & she showed me what the truckies do to get their coffee/tea. Into the kitchen, grab a cup & tea bag then out to the dining room for water & milk- no charge. The chips would have to have been the best we have ever had.

On the road again to go 16ks out to a Rock hole at Mia Moon, a town no longer a town.
The skies had cleared which was a bonus as well. There were carpets of yellow & white everlasting daisies all around here and this rock is similar to others we have visited & wandered all over..

This was the tiniest of flowers I think Chuck’s photo is better than mine- wind would not stop blowing. They look as though they are just growing out of a clump of grass!

Thorn among the roses or whatever the saying is! This is the largest group of these daisies we have seen so far (this type of daisies)

This morning Catriana & I went around the Flora/Fauna walk in Dalwallinu, but not much to see as yet. Many of the bushes are in bud with only a couple of Hakea starting to open.

A couple of pieces of old farm machinery in the main street.

To-day the Craft shop was open – it has a lot of very professionally done craft items & reasonably priced. One which we noticed was basically a mat for hot dishes but it has sewn into it different herbs. We could smell them all but can imagine what they would be like when hot.
I bought some peach & apple chutney, marmalade & 2 jars of lemon butter-yum. I think all of our marmalade on this trip has been purchased from tourist/craft shops.
We got back to the vans & Catriana appeared with her camera telling me to get next to Bruce! They were hoping to catch me with a shocked look on my face when I saw that Bruce was “fluff free”.
Apparently yesterday Bruce had asked her to make me go for a walk to-day to give him time to shave! I suggested we go on the walk & now I know why she was quick to get ready to leave! I really did not like the whiskers AT ALL.
Well we leave here in the am & head back to Goomalling for 2 nights.


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  1. Such a shame that Bruce was forced into removing his beard. It really suited him!

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