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August 11, 2013


On the way up to here from Goomalling we came via Dowerin which is another small country town surrounded by the usual grain, canola & lupins but the country is not looking as green.

This tin dog is at the entrance to Dowerin. Was drizzling most of the morning. Cadoux, a little further up the track, was hit by an earthquake, a 5.5, in 1979, with much damage.

What a different way to grow flowers.

Onwards to another tiny country town of Kalannie and up the Goodlands road where we were told at the Wongan Hills info centre that there should be the wreath flowers coming out. We found them but they were just appearing.

Once at the great Northern Highway we had to go south again to the Jibberding Rock. # 439 camps 7 where we were going to spend the night. It was close to the highway so rather noisy with the road trains but noise does not worry us at night. There were many clumps of the white everlasting daisies everywhere.

Was cooking dinner, not expecting to see any sunset because of the cloud cover then this appeared.

Thursday morning we headed back up the highway as far as the Mt Gibson mine site where we had to turn west to head to Perenjori where we had booked in for a few days. These council parks are usually only a $100/week which is good price. They are nothing fancy, no jumping pillows, pools, playgrounds etc, clean amenities & washing machines/dryers for $2 or this one is a donation to the St John Ambulance, some might be to the RFDS.
About 6ks along the highway we came across this sight & we were so amazed as to the beauty of these unique flowers, how the come out of a gravel pit of road side! They really have to be seen to appreciate the beauty. There was a stretch of about 400 mtrs.

A little closer to town there were 2 more spots where they were just starting to appear.

As this is basically a mine road, there are many road trains.

We arrived here in blowing rain & had to set up and it was rather cold trying to get the annex erected.
As with many of these small WA towns there are these wonderful sculptures, with comical descriptions, doing a lot for tourism but describing what life used to be like.
I do not normally take photos of them all but this lot are beside the highway/main street in Perenjori.

This is another of the churches designed by priest architect Monsignor John Hawes.

We were given a map by the info centre showing where we could go to see an old shearing shed, a ghost town of Rothsay with many old grave sites. We put ROTHSAY in the Navman and after we had travelled about 30ks realised that she was taking us there but a long way around. Anyway after about 70ks we came to a mine security gate! and not sighting the road we wanted to take whihc should have been well before this mine gate. Anyway we asked th woman on the gate where the road was that we were looking for only to be told that it was no entry there as that was all now mine property. But we said that we were going down to the shearing shed etc. She was not impressed as the info centre has been told many times that that is all off limits since becoming mine property. We were also unfortunate in that if their emergency services had not been busy with a roll over they would have escorted us through the mining property. This meant tat we had to back track the way we had come. Fortunately the dirt road which we had been on was great & then the sealed mine road started.
Anyway we found out way to the Camel Soak on the way home- told that there were ground orchids around the base of the rock. Ok, easy walk with plenty of white flowers but no orchids!.

We now had another 47k back to the van park so basically it was a wasted afternoon. S— happens I guess. What was very frustrating though, we were speaking to another woman who asked if we saw the orchids at Camel Soak? What orchids? says I. Apparently we should have ventured a little way into the bushes beside the rock because there are many there!
We have decided, when we leave here, to go back east to the Great Northern highway then south to Dalwallinu. Shall take the short trip back into Camel Soak to fine these orchids and there will be many more Wreaths out before we hit the highway.

Happy hour with Catriana & Chuck, who arrived here yesterday and friends Sandra & Dennis from Goomalling & Hay 2 years ago.

Lovely sky opposite the sunset with the yellow canola.
We did a day trip over to Tree Springs, up to Mingenew on Friday. Once again driving past broad acre farming but there were also a few cattle now as well as the sheep properties. Three Springs is also another tiny country town with a few shops up the highway/main street and in the middle of the Wildflower country.
We passed a mine in the middle of the farming area & wondered what they were mining. It is one of the largest talc mines in the world, so the information lady told us, and it is the largest producer of talc in Australia with only 15 permanent staff & small number of contractors. Started as underground but now open cut.

When we left the park this morning we were just going to drive around Perenjori but on the spur of the moment decided to do this day trip, with no thermos or lunches cut so we were getting rathe hungry by 11.30. We were told to go to the cafe up the street as she does all her own baking! As it was close to lunch decided for an early lunch instead. I ordered a Chicken Schnitzel burger & Bruce ordered a steak burger. They were possible the best burgers we have ever had- all salad ingredients as well as pineapple. Not cheap- $13 each but they were large & soooooooo nice. The coffee & hot chocolate were only $5 for both!

A couple of stops after Three Springs for flowers.

Do not know what the delicate one above is called but so beautiful. Looked at flower book- it is a Twining Fringe Lily.
Next up the road was Mingenew which is known as the Grain centre. It is the largest inland grower fed, receival facility in the Southern hemisphere. It can be seen in the photo taken from the lookout on Minengew Hill.

The above Railway station was opened in 1894 & the now remaining part of the original buildings are used by the local Art & Craft group.

About 12 ks NW of the town is Depot Hill where there is a track into an historic WW11 Army Rifle range. We did this walk passing through carpets of yellow, white & pink everlastings, grevilla intricata with their powerful perfume & I think we saw 2 orchids!

This one was not on the walk, but in town- would love to know it name! The below signs are at the beginning of the walk.

The walk is a walking sea of lilac bushes, a few white interspersed with the wattle.

Is this an orchid? Maybe. Came across another lying on the ground which has me wondering what it is.

This bush was over the other side of the trench so could not see the flower very well (no long lens with me!), but it looked so different to anything else we have seen.

This very prickly tree grows everywhere & would certainly make a great deterrent to keep folk away from your home!

The days trip was almost over as we headed east towards Morawa then home.

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