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August 6, 2013

Was sitting beside the river at Phyl & Ron, when noticed some dolphins about 3 houses up river. Had camera but not long lens so photos not brilliant- if I had gone back to van for lens they would have vanished for sure. Managed to get one out of the water If you use your imagination! The others were having a game.

We did some shopping up at Centro- Woolies, chemist etc then called into JB Hi fi for an external drive. I went for a drive with hosts to their local shopping spot & had a wander around the Reject Shop & got a few bits & pieces. Phyl cooked dinner Wednesday evening & as they had to go into Freemantle all day Thursday for appointments & returned the favour that night. Was over cast every night then until well after the sun had risen so never got the chance to get photos with the sun over the river.
As Ron had just had his knee replaced a few weeks ago, Bruce felt sorry for Phyl & cut her some fire wood. Keep him in shape!

We left there Saturday morning about 10am. We were heading back to Goomalling so I put it into Karen (Navman) & told her to bring us back here the easiest way- straight up the freeway to the highway east to York as we wanted to have another wander around there. It was settled in 1831, the first in inland WA & now an Historic town, only 97ks east of Perth.

There is an Art Gallery and cafe in the old building.
After having lunch in the van we wandered up the main street to see some wonderful old buildings- (I lost my 2010 photos)!

This sign is on the wall of the tiny building! Says it all.

The top photo is this trip with the bottom one taken in 2010- this photo did survive!

We were walking past this hotel & Bruce noticed this 1926 Model T inside- it serves as a display for bottles of wine

Once out on the road again gradually we got back into the farming areas.

These grain storage structures are called the “dolly twins” the only grain storage structure of their kind in the southern hemisphere. These domes were built in 1994.

Stopped on way over to Toodjay this morning- had to get a screw removed from tyre in caravan park but I guess we could have picked it up anywhere- to take a decent photo of a Canola crop as most have been taken while travelling.

There are huge fields along here- seems to me more than the grain crops.
Got tyre repaired & as I was sitting in car waiting for Bruce a guy from the next building walked over & made the comment that I had come a long way to sit & look at a shipping container down behind the tyre repairer! Anyway he suggested we drive up to the lookout, which we did. he commented that we would turn left around the old Newcastle Hospital. Toodjay was founded in 1831 but changed to Newcastle in 1860 when moved to present site due to flooding but in 1911 it adopted the name Toodjay as there was postal confusion with Newcastle NSW. It is classified as an Historic town by the National Trust. May buildings were built with convict labour.

the 3 stories of the mill are open to visitors, with the various stages of the flour making explained.

It is possible to visit this through the information centre for $3.
Also bought a wildflower book as well as some blood orange & lime marmalade.
We then went for a wander down the main street.

Have not seen a building with Billiards Room across the top since living in Gin Gin (QLD) where there was one.

An old farm building but have not a clue as to what it would have been used for.

Tuesday 6.8.13
Woke up to awful looking weather this morning but decided to still go up to Wongan Hills to have a look around. It drizzled most of the way but by the time we had had a cuppa in the car the blue sky was appearing. Spoke to a wonderful Scot couple & gave us some ideas to do a walk around Christmas Rock then up the Mt O’Brien lookout. They also gave us a hi-lighted mud map with various spots for wreath & everlasting flowers.
The rock walk is nearly 3k so we took umbrellas with us just in case. Once again saw some different bushes & flowers. Wish I knew the names – bought a book yesterday but so far not much help.

Love the wattles & for once the wind was not too bad.

Because there had just been showers the sun shining on the leaves made them sparkle.

This lacy white stuff looks like a fungus but it is so pretty and is on the rocks & ground.

We really looked but could see any of these. Apparently they are starting to open.
I do not know what the following ones are but very delicate.

Once again we are wandering over a rock originally intended to catch water- notice the low walls around the edge.

This bush is growing all over the rock.

This pretty little blue bush was flat on the ground with the weight of the water.

There was one bush which was very unusual but had no flowers but there was one a little further on with a few buds open

Rather windy & could keep flower still so this one is blurred- sorry but that is the flower in the previous photo.

These Salmon gums are a very majestic tree I think.

Sun shining on the wet leaves.
We were talking to a local farmer as we got back to the car. He said that since the rain all of these bushes will be totally covered in bloom later- they are full of buds. Will just be a mass of colour. he also gave us more tips for finding the Wreath flowers to-morrow.
We now headed up to Mt O’Brien before the weather closed in again.
What a view! but oh so windy.

Wongan Hills town in the background

Once again tripod back in the van when I needed it because of the wind. However managed to get a couple of this beautiful bird soaring above. Just had it in sight & the wind would take it out of view.

Had a few stops on the way down the hill for bushes.

This bush has shot up from a broken branch off a large tree but the flowers were very droopy because of the rain. This must have been a little sheltered. So beautiful.

This is a creeper just crawling along the ground.

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