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July 31, 2013

SUNDAY 29.7.13

Well we left Goomalling this morning after saying goodbye to Lesley & Erich & Sandra & Dennis- who we hope to see again next weekend when back at Goomalling. As it was not raining yesterday afternoon we were invited to the fire place- met a few more couples.

All the way down the fields of oats, barley & canola are looking wonderful since the rain & certainly look as though they have had plenty of fertilizer applied- some of the crops are almost black. There are also many sheep with lots of twins that we could notice driving by.

Saw this large patch of, am assuming wildflowers, but could not stop as double line & traffic behind us. There was rather a long stretch beside the road & so beautiful.

We pulled into Beverley where we had lunch & a cuppa. Wandered over to the Railway museum to have a look but the volunteer who was there could not find a key from anyone so we did not get inside. She happened to be a farmer’s wife who had driven 45 ks into do her turn – she was not a happy camper.

Also had a quick look in the Aeronautical museum. It is rather cramped in there but some interesting air craft things.

Impossible to get a good photo but it is this wide winged thing with what looks like bike pedals just behind the Air India model.

This was as good as I could get of this information. What some folk do for fame!

The next little place was Pingelly

There certainly are some funny name towns along the way

We passed through Narrogin town & still driving past fields of crops looking wonderful. Farmers must be feeling good with the recent rain falls. Know the feeling well!
A little further south we came to Wagin where we were stopping for the night at the showgrounds, $8 night for power & water.

We had just set up when there was a knock on the door. A local councillor was asking if we needed any tourist info & as we had been here before & were just passing through we said no, but it was appreciated, especially on a Sunday afternoon. We had full TV & internet service.
These cute sculptures were as we were leaving Wagin- some folk certainly have good imagination & novelty ways to use old metals & farm items.

Woke up to a very heavy fog.
To-day was a short trip over to Bridgetown where we had been invited to stay the night. It was a very slow trip for the first half of the journey because of the fog.

As the fog began to lift we could see pastures so green, sheep properties & gradually coming into cattle as well. The yellow trees along the roadside are really starting to come into bloom & if you wind the window down the perfume is very strong.

Arrived at friend’s road to turn of & missed it so had to do a u turn a little way down the road. Had a traveller point out that we had no brake lights! Probably a blown bulb as they had just been checked at Wagin.
This is the view from where we spent the night.

Many thanks to friend’s for their hospitality & was so good to meet them face to face after years of emails. Bruce certainly enjoyed talking farming as did Jim.
Left there About 9am & headed into Bridgetown to post a letter . Took a couple of photos of old buildings in town & got some fuel.

Could not resist taking a photo of this rose bush.

There are certainly some unusual town names over here but then again that happens everywhere I guess.

There were many of these “court jesters along the street through town.
Donnybrook has a lot or orchards around- I think they are apple trees!

Once over to Bunbury we were travelling up the Old Coast road towards North Yanderup to Phyl & Ron’s. We met this lovely couple 2 years ago at a Caravanner’s Forum gathering & then again last year at the same place.
These are the views from their front garden

Caught this little fellow this morning.

Waiting for the sunrise this morning which is not going to happen.
Depending how this weather turns out later to-day, might go up to Freemantle for a look.
We will be heading north again to-morrow, back up to wait around for the Wreath Flower to appear- not going home until we have seen one of these unusual flowers. We are booked into Goomalling again for a few nights then up to Perenjori for a week or maybe more. From there we can do some day trips.


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  1. Firefly permalink

    Wow some beautiful colours there Kay, I love it. You are right about the town names, brings a smile to your dial doesn’t it. 🙂

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