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July 27, 2013

SUNDAY 27.7.13

Well we finally left Catriana & Chuck after 3 relaxing weeks- just reading, cooking, cleaning, washing, walking, tourist drives, celebrating one birthday then a wedding anniversary. The day we left I had to stop by the hospital to get a couple of sutures removed from my back- also asked the nurse for a proper suture remover which she gave me to take Bruce’s sutures out next week. Shall get my revenge over him not removing the facial fluff!!!
The afternoon before we left another traveller had told us about a couple more flowers he had just seen on the Wildflower walk so at 4pm Catriana & I took off to see if we could fine them.
The first one was a beautiful mauve coloured flower just perched on top of a leafy stalk. which was hard to see in amongst the grass.

The other one was a tiny flower on a creeper which was not the easiest to spot.

Comparing this photo to a tourist pamphlet I picked up at Wongan Hill it could be a Keraudrenia integrifolia!

We left Mulluwa with the weather not looking the best. Did a couple of stops along the way
This other one is a waxy leaf & with the sun shining through the plant it was the nicest we had seen it on any of our walks.

The stops along the way south of Mullewa were not very frequent as we did not like the look of the weather & wanted to get to Wubin Rocks for the night.
The roadsides are starting to get lined with flowers, mainly daisies of different varieties & they certainly make a show driving along.

Our lunch stop was at an old town called Gutha. There are large grain loading facilities beside the railway line but not much else. One train passed while we were eating, 3 carriages pulling, 100 wagons then another engine pushing.

Gutha is just one of the many places in WA which have interesting interpretive sculptures with a sign telling the story. We first saw them back in Menzies (I think that was the first spot) & they have been in towns where a certain building used to be, beside “rocks” railway stations, nature walks.

This sculpture has to be my favourite so far as it brings back so many wonderful memories of when we used to partake in exactly the same entertainment.

These dainty flowers were opposite the loading facilities just up the road.

We are well in the wheat belt with fields looking wonderful since the rain. The wheat, canola, lupins as well as other grain crops which we did not stop to see exactly what they were.

Took a turn off the main road to see what the WAR ROCK was- very interesting any sure enough, another 2 sculptures with stories.

This rock, as you can see, has a wall built around for catching water which was channelled to a dam at the back of the rock.

Must have accidently changed the setting on the camera so could not stitch these together!

It was starting to rain so we got on the move again.

The white lupins with the canola in the background made for a great contrast.

We soon passed through Morawa but because of the weather we did not do any stops for photos and we will also be back up this way towards the end of August for more wild flowers as it will be closer to spring.

There are many many of these salt lakes the majority of them with no water & it is obvious there is a bad salinity problem.
Soon we reached the turn off into #438 Camps 7 Wubin Rocks with the weather looking rather dark. As soon as we had set up decided to take the walk up the rock, which we knew from 2010, was not very high. One thing that I was amazed at was the number of Grevillea Intricata bushes, both white & the varigated pink & white. These grevilleas have a wonderful perfume, especially in early morning & late afternoon. We used to have the perfume drift into our kitchen in Bundaberg. But be warned, never put your nose to close ( which you do not need to do anyway) as the bush is very prickly.

This is a plant we also saw here in 2010 & am still wondering what it is?

A traveller back in 2010 camped here told me that it was a dead Wreath flower from the previous year????

You can get a 360 degree view from this rock.

There was only a motorhome which we passed on the road into here but it was right back just off the sealed road. Found a couple of different flowers which I had not seen before. I really need a flower book to name all these photos!

I think this is the one that Catriana & I found up at Mullewa. The Keraudrenia Integrifolia but please correct me of that not correct!
The weather really closed in over night with some short heavy showers, as well as being rather windy.
After hearing about how the small towns out here have only very limited, or no tv we were amazed to pick up every digital channel with no interference at all as well as full mobile & internet service.

These flowers were not the easiest to see in the bush, but very pretty close up.

We left here in drizzling rain & into Wubin for fuel. One servo was $1.74 & the next a few hundred metres down the road was $1.63! Go figure.
Rained all the way down to Dallwallinu where we stopped at the van park to alter bookings that we had made for later in the month. We never book caravan parks but at this time of the year it is the only thing to do if you want a site. While I was in the office Bruce checked the TV as they ( according to digital tv my search) only get all the ABC stations- that is correct.
Next stop was Wongan Hills as I spotted an IGA & needed a few groceries. Also went to the bakery to get a pie for lunch- it was pie weather! We decided to eat there & had Sweet & sour chicken & a coffee.
We were soon down at Goomalling in horrible windy wet weather to catch up with Lesley & Erich as well as Sandra & Dennis whom we had met down at Hay in 2011 & have kept in contact with via emails ever since. It was 8pm before we got back to van after 4.30pm start to drinkies- then I had to cook veges for my roast!
Rained on & off during the night. We were only going to stay here one night but the weather looked awful all the way south to where we were heading so we are still here with it looking much better this afternoon.
This park is only $12.50 for Seniors- half price!

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  1. Jan Barham permalink

    Kay, I think the first flowers you have shown are Patterson’s Curse. The mauve one below it with 3 large and 3 small petals is, I think, a Fringe Lily. I tried to find my photo of them, which has its name, but couldn’t locate it quickly. I know “Fringe” comes in the name somewhere.

    If you have time to have a look at my post of our WA trip in 2004 (under the “across different states” section of the trip report, you will find some of the same flowers as you have photographed there, some of them with names.


  2. Kay, do you remember posting “what is this” here on a circular shaped plant? I have it now; Borya constricta (circular form). Back to good old Esperance Wildflowers for an example of it in bloom

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