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July 23, 2013

The past week has been a rather lazy week! but then I guess why not? A few days ago we celebrated Catriana & Chucks’ wedding anniversary with a BBQ lunch in the Camp kitchen to try to get out of this persistent wind- it stops about 5pm each afternoon! We have done a few more walks (Catriana has done more than I.) Bruce even came with us on Sunday to walk down town to get the paper. There have been a few different flowers coming out along the walk.

This last photo is Catriana’s of me trying to get away from the “fluffy” face. Clothing shows how cold the wind was! Yesterday, Monday we did the Southern look circuit (145k) from Mullewa back to Mullewa.
Surely they could have found another spot to get spot to get out of the wi

This is the first stop we made on the southern flower loop from Mullewa to Mullewa, 145ks, which we did yesterday.

The fields of Canola & Lupins as well as grain crops were looking good following the recent rain.

Travelling further on we came into the Coalseam Conservation Park, which we saw in 2010.

Once we were down & over the river we drove up to the lookout, where we nearly got blown away.

Saw a few flowers up at the lookout but once again too windy for good photos.

We then drove back down to one of the camping areas, which are free with only toilets & tables but would be a nice quiet spot to spend a few nights.

The Irwin River which we crossed to go on the Miner’s walk & to see what flowers we could find.

This mum kangaroo obviously has a rather large joey in her pouch.

A little further on there was this area of flowers.

Another crop of Canola across the river

We have seen so many varieties of wattle over the past few days and the perfume from this one could be smelt from in the car.

We left Coalseam & headed back out to re join the loop drive. I am trying to take a photo of the tree/bush then a macro of the flower.

We did quite a few u-turns or reverses in the next few klms!

We decided to stop at this hall for our lunch.

While there a train, with 3 engines went past- probably about 100 carriages.

All these beautiful old buildings apparently not in use!

Back on the road again for more stops. The country around here looks as though it desperately needs some rain as it certainly does not look as good as other places we saw earlier to-day.

There are quite a few of these areas where nothing will grow.

This was a very delicate pink flower.
The main reason for this day trip was to find spots where we had been told that there were Wreath flowers appearing, although not in flower! We certainly did not see any sign of them & have been told that it is far too early for them anyway. However, we had a good day out.

This is another of Monsignor Hawes achievements which is on the outskirt of Mullewa.
Last nights full moon had us all out trying to get some photos.

This afternoon is the first time in the 3 weeks we have been here that we witnessed a sunset from our “back patio”.

Hope I have not bored you with all the flower photos but that is the reason for coming back to WA and we are not leaving until I have Wreath flower photos.
It was Bruce’s turn to go under the surgeon’s knife this morning. Fortunately a surgeon was here from Kalbarri so he went to see the Dr about a lump just above his ankle. Dr took one look & said “off” with it now. I get my sutures out Thursday at the local hospital here instead of having to go back to Geraldton & I shall take Bruce’s out in 10 days time.
Leaving here Thursday so to-morrow will be wash day & packing up. Will be sad to say goodbye to Catriana & Chuck once again.


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  1. Dot & George permalink

    As usual great story and pics.x

  2. dapope permalink

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Firefly permalink

    Amazing old school out there, it’s just stunning country. Thanks guys, love reading as usual. 🙂

  4. Thanks for comments & you taking time to read .

  5. We are also waiting for the wild flowers missed them last year, where are the wreath flowers ??? Have seen photos, not sure where to find them, have enjoyed your blogs – fantastic, Sandra and Dennis

    • Sandra Wreath flowers at Three Springs, Gutha, Pindar, Buntine Rock (near Wubin), Perenjori. They are the spots we have been told about. Cheers Kay.

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