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July 17, 2013

THURSDAY 11.7.13
We have paid for another week here as a very restful spot & not busy although yesterday afternoon changed that somewhat . There were a few more than usual who had come in during the afternoon, including a not very nice person & we- Catriana & Chuck & us- were on the receiving end of his rather obnoxious opinions of everything. Talk got to the weather & we made the comment that the Primary producers in SE would be welcoming the rain. His comment was “They bought the situation on themselves” We all said at once “Why?”
According to this farmer they did not wait until Government had finished water/rain studies!. By the way he is a farmer who has been getting rain.
We then got onto weather Australia wide & droughts etc. QLD was mentioned & his comment was something to the effect that we won’t worry about them.
I saw red! Catriana commented that he should be careful as we were from QLD! I said that we come over here & spend money & his reply was “We do not want your money!!!!”
Hell I wish I had had a recorder going but I just bit my tongue & that was not easy.
He then complained that we were in his annual spot which he parks in on his annual trip up north- hello! He was just an opinionated, know-it-all person who engaged his mouth before the brain went into gear and thought about what he was saying. He had parked down the bottom of the park on grass- all other on bitumen- so when the rain started last night & I saw him start to drive out & was hoping for him to get bogged but no such luck. Also wished him “bad luck” under my breath as he drove out.
That is my rant for to-day.
I have just finished reading Professor Chris O’Brien’s auto biography. Most of you will have heard of him through the RPA show on TV. & the brilliant work he did on head & neck cancers. He then developed a glioblastoma (brain cancer). A wonderful & enlightening book to read & shows just how much dedication this man had for his profession, his patients, his family.
Well the past week has been so restful & doing what we are meant to do!. Catriana & I have been doing some walks, me not as many as she does. The walk down into the tiny shopping complex of Mullewa is all down hill which is fine but the knees do not like the up hill walk to come home. There is a small grocery shop, an Ampol servo where you pay the van fees, a pub, a couple of produce places for farmers and not much more although there is a Primary & a High School and a Hospital.

These were taken on way to Geraldton last week- it is just a lovely drive with either side surrounded by crops of canola wheat & other grain crops with occasional sheep & cattle properties. We counted 3 trains hauling ore- up to 100 carriages.
Got into Geraldton & on the way in is another achievements of Monsignor Hawes.

Came home from Geraldton with 2 sutures in my back after having a punch biopsy done. Told to report “itchy” things. Could not see anything but itch for the past month or so so went to Dr last week then back yesterday & he removed it. Now booking in here for another week as results probably not back from Perth until Monday. If all OK can get sutures out by anyone- pity it on my back as could take out myself!

We just got home yesterday about 3pm – after taking 2 hours to travel 97ks- when the rain & wind started & kept up until sometime during the night. Sunny to-day but a cold wind.
The reason for taking so long to come home was stopping, reversing & doing u turns to take flower photos! The rain a few days ago has helped them along nicely.
It was not easy taking the Macro photos because of the windy conditions.

There are many varieties of Grevillea along the way, a few of which I used to grow in Bundaberg & some now at home. Have tried to take one of the bush & then a Macro shot.

These are growing everywhere but do not know what they are. Colors vary from white to pink to mauve & yellow.

Impossible to get a photo of this tiny mauve flower which is a ground cover- too windy.

This was on a nature walk just off the highway which, in the above photo, runs between the crops & the tree line. The lookout is above some cliffs along the Greenough Rv.

The flowers on this bush look as though they could be an orchid flower, they are so delicate & are white, pink & a darker pink.

The petals on this look like a Geraldton Wax flower but plant is different.

Do not have a clue as to what this bush is but a brilliant yellow flower.

Bruce got some rivets to replace some of the ones which were loose that the annex skirt is attached to on the van. That kept him occupied this morning while I did some washing & usual house work- takes all of 5 minutes .

The one on the left is Canola just out of Geraldton & the white crop is Canola (we think) as it is in a trial plot with yellow Canola closer to Mullewa.
All for to-day.
Wow, Bruce has just walked in with an arm load of washing which I had forgotten about! Apparently it is spitting rain.
Hope the flowers are not boring you all but be assured there are more to come in the following weeks. As long as I can get photos of Wreath flowers before I got home. They actually grow & look like a wreath & are just beautiful.


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  1. dazren permalink

    Thanks again for the up-date, and do not worry about the pig [oops !! ] I mean Angry farmer you met, You must admit the pig headed motor mouth travellers are a rare occurence ” In fact I think you did well to restrain ?? I Once met a guy like that when we were free camping by the Murray in Cobram Vic, We put up with his big mouth, for as long as possible ??? Then I said to him
    WOW !!! Are You one of the Original 2 Per centers ???? When he asked what do you mean 2% ‘s
    And I said well the other 98 % of travellers that I have met Have all been really great people ??
    The rest of the group laughed ? And next morning Mr 2 % shifted camp to around the bend ??

  2. White crop is Lupins- not Canola!

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