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July 12, 2013


We arrived here on Thursday & got straight into washing including curtains, bedspread,mats etc. as this is the first caravan park we have been in since leaving Alice Springs on 6th June. Bruce is also going to give the vehicles are better clean that he did with the dam water at Niagara dam. After we had set up we spent time catching up with Chuck & Catriana, after all we had not seen them for a week!!
This caravan park is wonderful- knew that from 2010. All bitumen sealed, spotless amenities, $2 washing machine, $20/night or $97 for a week. We have paid for one week but will probably say longer.
Payment is at the Ampol Servo down the street.

Spent all day yesterday washing- 6 loads! With the wind & the beautiful sunny days, all was dry very quickly. Naturally cuppas & drinkies are with C. & C. to-day, Saturday, I baked all morning as as certain person was missing his goodies with his cuppa- poor man. Is rather nice being able to run a heater all night as well.
This after noon Catriana & I went walking on one of the listed walks.

As usual there are signs indicating what buildings were where.

I think that this tank is past holding any water!
We were busy trying to see if any flowers were appearing- not easy when you also have to watch where you walk as the track is not the smoothest wit slippery pebbles.

There was a train passing through town & could not get it all in one photo.

These are called “Pin cushions”
The above ground flowers apparently change colour depending on the position of the sun.

There were 2 different Grevilleas one which I had never seen & I am “into “ these beautiful native trees. This particular one has long spikes as leaves & rather dangerous if wanting to smell the flower!

Catriana & I went walking to-day for a few more photos in a bitterly cold wind but the sun was very warm at the same time.
We followed the trail to Monsignor Hawes establishment.

A few more vans arrived to-day, 8 here to-night . The wind has not stopped all day so we had to find a different spot to sit for our happy hour.

Monday we went over to Geraldton for groceries, fuel & led bulbs to replace a couple broken in van. Got so many groceries that we got 3x 16 cent fuel vouchers from Coles. When getting well over 100 litres of fuel that is a good discount.
Revisited the wonderful memorial to the lives lost on the HMAS Sydney.

There are 645 gulls which represent each life lost. Hopefully you will be able to read the above photos telling the story.

Can’t get away for 5 minutes & someone drives past!

Did not do much “touristy” things to-day – probably come back for a drive next week. We were rather late getting home to Mullewa- 97ks.

Got up to find that someone had tied balloons to van & car- not mentioning any names.
We started out with morning tea & sponge & cream birthday cake. We had a quarter of the cake each!

Lunch was cooking on the Baby Q- a Rib roast with bone in. While waiting for the meat to rest we opened a bottle of bubbly, bought from home, probably left over from Christmas!

Lunch now ready – the meat was “melt in your mouth” with roast potato, sweet potato, choco, pumpkin, carrott, peas & corn.

Bruce & Chuck made short work of the meat on the bones!
Dessert was to follow & that was Plum pudding,custard, cream & ice cream

This has been a long day of celebrating a birthday, too much food so we decided that there would be no dinner that night, just nibblies at 5pm!!!

Spinach dip in cobb etc & another bottle of bubbly.
All in all a very relaxing day.
Catriana & I have done a couple of the walks- just as well. Not a lot of flowers out as yet, but they are starting, so we will stay here for probably another 2 weeks. It is only $97/week with wonderful clean amenities.
This morning I took Catriana out to where I had seen many stuffed animals beside the road in 2010 on our way into Mullewa from Murchison. They are about 8k nth. They were looking very bedraggled, dirty, fallen out of trees etc so we spent about 30 mins cheering them up. They certainly looked much better after we had finished but we were rather dirty & dusty.
Put 2 mates back in their chair with their cans of beer.

A busy road with many road trains passing in the short time we were there.

After our animal work we decided to do the 2 klm Bushland walk so drove up to the lookout parked the car.
This walk was through very dry bushland, up & down tracks with a few flowers on ground & a couple of Erimophila trees with flowers.
Stitched some photos over looking Mullewa. It is not a big town but seems to have all amenities- store, hospital, police station, school, high school, large sporting facilities.

This is the end of the first week here.

[Mullewa, Geraldton, HMAS SYDNEY memorial, Bruce’s 74th, bears by the road


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  1. Firefly permalink

    You guys are having so much fun, I love it!

    Another great blog, thanks guys. 🙂

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