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July 6, 2013


We left Cue after a cuppa then headed south towards Mt Magnet.
Saw this great bird along the way.

The road passes a huge Lake Austin (empty) – unable to see where it started or finished on either side of the road. Just north of Mt Magnet there is a Tourist drive which we decided to take- breakaways again!

Continued on & the next one was called The Ampitheatre.

From this distance not easy to see why called the Amphitheatre but up close very evident.

Bruce got some wonderful echoes with various calls he made!

We wound our way towards to back of Mt Magnet & the next sight was a huge Gold mining complex.

There are, once again, huge mullock heaps everywhere. I made the comment that it would be good to be able to see into these mine pits when a sign appeared pointing to a lookout.

Some of these signs telling of past life in these mining towns are so faded it is sometimes impossible to read.

Overlooking Mt Magnet & mining surrounds.

As we had been to Mt Magnet in 2010 we did not spend too much time in town, but decided to drive about 40 ks out to find a spot for the night as did not want to drive the 241 k right to Mullewa. There are frequent parking spots along the roads here in WA with huge areas to get in off the road out of sight.
Once again we were by ourselves well off the road but could still hear the road trains working all night. Woke up to what looked as though it was going to rain so we quickly got out to the roadside parking & onto the sealed road- did not want to get bogged in the middle of nowhere!!!
However, soon realized that it was a very heavy fog.
On the road 8am- early for us & we soon reached Yalgoo, another small town which used to depend on the mining.

This tiny building has a history sign but was rather hard to take a photo over the top of the fence as well as facing into the sun.

Like all of these towns there are signs indicating where business, homes, schools,churches used to be- just too many to photograph everyone.

There was a bitterly cold wind blowing this morning so we did not do too much walking. A little out of town was a rabbit proof fence.

Travelling along we were suddenly back into grain growing country.

About 20ks before Mullewa is another almost deserted town, Pindar – we saw only one occupied home which looks as though it is involved in the grain crops, noticing all the huge machinery in the sheds.
There are also signs showing where to view the Wreath Flowers – August-October. These are one flower which we hope to see a little further south.

There is a closed sign on the front of this building & no indication as to whether it is still operating. It looks as though it is in good condition.

Only a short run from here into Mullewa & more grain crops.


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