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June 19, 2013

We reached Warburton mid morning & as usual topped up with fuel & water. Here there is also an Aboriginal community with signs saying “No Admittance” .

There was a nice surprise coming into & leaving Warburton- about 40k of sealed road. We assumed that this distance might be because there are continual sand hills again? Whatever the reason it was pleasant on the tailbones!. Saying that, we really are totally surprised with the condition of the roads. The majority have been good to very good dirt, occasional corrugations of varying degrees, some sand to be careful while driving through, covering red gravel, white gravel, clay pans, red clay. The roads are very wide so plenty of room to get away from on-coming traffic, of which there has been a lot.

Our camp for the night after leaving Warburton was #531 Camps 7, Mananytja. This is a large area in off the road.

The following photo shows why the name. The camp site is on the opposite side of the road but noticed that there were campers on this side when we had a look at the hole.

The clouds this morning were so unusual could not resist taking a photo while travelling. You can see the difference a few klms make in the changing road conditions. Chris & Val and Lesley & Erich in front of us going up one hill on corrugations then over the hill it had just been graded. Apparently the grader just keeps working on this road continually.
We were driving along & I commented to Bruce how this particular tree looked out of place. As we went past it we noticed a sign so did a reverse for a distance to see what the sign was about.

A little further on another pleasant surprise- sealed road but this was for a special reason. It is for the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) airstrip. Naturally, if you happen to see a plane landing on this stretch of sealed road (also present along the Nullabor) you give them right-of-way!

A little further on there was another Geocache to be found. This also had this white cross, erected in 1991, for the Christian Aboriginals.

There are 2 mounds of rocks here, one lot around a surveyor’s pole. As is the “norm” travellers add their rock to the top, which we did while Erich & Val went in search of the Geocache.
These are five of we six Grey Wanderers.

We moved on from here about 30ks to Camps #528, Minnie Creek Rd Rest Area, also another large area. Pulled in & we all had washing to hang out. There was heat in the sun which was rather nice & not a lot of breeze. Erich got busy digging the hole for our fire as we all wanted to cook veges in alfoil. We were soon joined by another couple who are also from Gold Coast in Qld, & happen to be another Kedron- ah well, can’t be helped!! They joined us around our fire for drinks & then again after dinner until fire died & the chill set in.

Hope to have a “sleep in” to-morrow as next stop will only be about 140ks as the couple who joined us recommended # 526 as a nice camp site so we shall see.
It is not as cold this evening but I have to admit the weather has not been any where near as cold as we were expecting. Our friends keep letting us know (nicely of course) that they have diesel heaters installed in their vans! it will definately be our next purchase for the van. The hot water bottle has been getting a lot of use.

TUESDAY 18.6.13
Moving on to-day the road, once again, was mainly good, apart from a couple of corrugated spots. It was a cold morning and overcast again-even Bruce put more clothes on which was a surprise. As the morning progressed there looked to be clearing along the horizon- hopefully as we all had washing to get dry.
There were more road works, this time with wet road- yuk, the mud. We pulled into the Giles Breakaway Rest Area for a cuppa but it did not look too inviting so decided to go another 6ks to the Giles Breakaway camp site- wow, what a wonderful spot.

We all set up, washing hanging, cuppa then went for a walk. It was still rather cold with the sun trying to shine through just for us. I wandered around to the opposite side of the breakaway to try to get warm- above photo just shows our vans through the trees. I then got adventurous & found a way down into the low area to get some photos.

Once down below it is evident why walking close to the edges of these sandstone cliff tops can be dangerous. There are many small caves all along under the ridges.

Once back up at the top noticed a Wickamii Grevillea but unfortunately not flowering- I had three types of this Grevillea in Bundaberg & they have different flowers from the usual Grevillea.

A little further along the “Geoachachers” had just found another hidden gem.

This is Val ascending from the floor below after he also decided to go for a walk, but he descended down, what looked to be, a more difficult part.

Once again I also went down for some more photos, one showing the cave under where we had been standing.

Some more from the top & Bruce admiring the views. Thank goodness the sun remained out later on for sunset photos.

We had collected wood for our fire behind the vans & we should have started the fire where we had our drinks while watching the sunset but too much timber to carry over. It would have made the evening in the perfect setting. Next time!

Fortunately Chris had her tripod for her camera so waiting to see her group photo.

Here endeth a perfect day to officially our last day together on the OUTBACK WAY which ends at Laverton just down the track to-day (now 2am). Time to get back to a warm bed as starting to get rather cold-
Last official day to-day. We are now in Laverton with this last part of the road very good.
Got some sunrise photos in the cold this morning before leaving this wonderful spot.

we did not k now what to expect at Laverton but looks a tidy clean town from the parts we saw. Unfortunately there is no grocery shop to get fruit & veges! Another day before Leonora as probably spending the night at Malcolm Dam.


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