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June 13, 2013

SUNDAY 9.6.13
After leaving the Desert Oaks overnight stop the next stop was going to be Erldunda, to once again catch up with emails etc etc. Also got fuel there and went in to get some more of their delicious Tuna Mornay for lunch but there was none that day. Instead we had the chips & Barra- the fish was very thin but edible- chips made up for the fish- between both of us we could not eat all of the chips- unusual for “you know who!”
Finally left there & headed west to Curtain Springs, a very big camping area for unpowered & only 8 powered sites, as well as $3 for a shower. Fuel is $2.09. Internet $2 for 10 mins. There is not phone/Tv here.
Before we reached the site we stopped for more fire wood as well as another quick photo of Mt Connor. Peter & Margaret were already here with Sue & Ann arriving later. We were invited to Sue & Ann’s to sit outside that evening to watch A PLACE TO CALL HOME, on their TV vai their sat dish. (If that is what it is called). We were dressed in PJs under track suit pants as well as beanie & gloves – well I was!.
By 9pm the temp had dropped considerably!.
Monday the Kedron couples left for Ayres Rock & we soon saw Lesley & Erich drive up the road. After the had set up we heard all about the problems which were the cause of them being too late to tag along with the other Kedron vans. Tuesday morning Chris & Val arrived so there was another lot of “catching up” to do. As well as talking about out trip across the desert, leaving Thursday.
Bruce was busy being water boy from the tap for me to do some washing Monday & Tuesday- did not bother with my little twin tub this time but did all by hand. Another fire was lit about 4pm for wine o’clock with the other two couples.
We asked if we could drive out to Mt Connor which is not too far south. Told we could do an eight hour tour which included the trip, refreshments for lunch, bubbly at sunset the a 3 course meal at the dining room here. $240 PP. I do not think so & neither did the other couples.
A burger here is $18, loaf of bread $7.20.
Boy, did the temps drop last night- got down to 8 at 5.30am.
We have decided to go over to the dining room for dinner this evening. Will be interesting to see the prices but at least it is supposed to be Curtain Springs Station own beef! Time will tell.
A lot of this trip when we have not been in a caravan park but camped some where there is access to water, like here, we have been setting up the 12volt camping shower in the ensuite instead of using the water from van tanks. This way we use much less water for showers. Used the water from the Finke river, Dalhousie Springs etc.
Going to do a grocery shop, fuel, water at Ayres Rock on way past to-morrow, as well as a quick check of emails.

Mt Connor on the way out to Ayres Rock

A couple of Crystal Springs & our night out for a change.

Catch you all from WA in about 10days.


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