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June 8, 2013

We left Alice Springs on 5.6.13 in very overcast weather- again!. Only went 58ks down to Mt Polhill, #56 in Camps 5. Filled in the afternoon there with 2 other couples until it got too cold & we all headed into vans. They had told us that the Free area at Sturt’s Well had been reopened. Thursday morning we decided to come into Rainbow Valley, even though still very overcast. The 23 ks in was corrugated but not a problem after deflating the tyres- once again.

There was only one van in there when we arrived as well as the Rangers. We asked them about the genny as we were into second day with out sun for the solar. They said not a problem.

We went for one of the walks then came back for lunch. Had just started out on the second walk when I twisted my ankle. Would not have been so bad if it had been the same side as my bad hip but diod not know which side to favour!
These are some of the tiny flowers we saw on the walks.

Neither this nest or the whole in the grown showed any activity.

The birds are very quiet, even Willy Wagtails, coming around the tables picking up titbits of crumbs.

Sat around the camp fire with four other couples for happy hour. One couple from Woodford, not far from us in QLD. We all decided it was time to go inside when the rain spots got a little bigger. It drizzled on and off during the night but probably not even 1ml.
Early this morning looked as though weather was lifting in the east so we decided to stay another night to, maybe, get a sunrise in the morning. However it has remained very overcast all day. The fees here are only $3.30PP/PN. There are gas BBQ as well as fire pits. Plenty of tables & a clean windy loo.
To-day kept the fire going from last night so heated some Pea soup for our lunch & going to cook dinner on it as well.
Still hoping for a sunset photo, but it did not happen. Cooked steak,eggs, & veges in alfoil for dinner this evening. Joined by 2 other couples as well as Jeremy the Park ranger who arrived about 5.30 to tell us he would be back to give a 45 minute talk at 7.30. He was an aboriginal but from a tribe us neat Tenant Creek, currently studying for his Diploma.
We all got excited about 8pm when we could see starts above- yeh! a sunrise in the morning. Once the fire went out it got very cold so we all headed inside as Jeremy’s talk had finished.
Saturday 8.6.13.
Got out of bed 6.30 to a totally overcast sky!
I did a short walk while Bruce was still snoring & got a couple of early morning photos.

One of the couples were from Perth & had just come across the Great Central Road so we got more info from them as well as a nice spot to spend a night.
Left Rainbow Valley about 9am & back out to the highway & down Stuart’s Well.
The resident Emus are still there as well as overnight free camping again.

Wandered up to the Camel farm to have a look at the baby they had there.

Just down the road from Stuart’s Well we decided to detour 14k up the Ernest Giles Road to inspect the Henbury Meteroite Craters. Basically 3 holes in the ground!

There were a couple of different tiny flowers beside the track.

Talked the driver into stopping to collect wood for a fire at to-night’s stop- took a lot of persuasion though.
Just pulled into # 61 Camps 5 , Desert Oaks Rest area & who should be here but Sue & Ann and Margaret & Peter.
Late lunch then we women got the fire going in time for wine o’clock.

A very quiet dingo appeared & wandered around the camp site looking for food.
Sunday at Erldunda before we turn west for a few nights at Curtain Springs, then a shop at Yalara then across the desert to WA.


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