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Chambers PIllar 28.5.13

May 28, 2013

Well we now have another thing that we can cross off the “bucket list”. Did a day trip , approx 310ks, yesterday sown to Chambers Pillar. We went with 2 other Brisbane couples which was a bonus as they were great company. Left here 10.50 & got there 1.50. The road, down to where the Finke/Alice race turns left to continue down to Finke, was in very good condition with a lot of work being carried out. However, once we turned towards Mary Vale Store & the Chambers Pillar, it deteriorated considerably with mainly corrugation, which are not a problem as long as you ride the top & not try to go slow.

There were a few eagles having a feed & were not really spooked as we drove past- saw them a bit too late to stop though.

The Finke race runs beside the road, crossing occasionally. There are markers for the 700 motorbikes & about 130 cars in the race, with the cars in the morning & bikes in the afternoon.

The first stop was at Maryvale Store as we were all in need of a “pit stop”. They were shut for lunch 12-12.30 but none of us were desperate, fortunately, or we would have had to find a tree.

On the road again & now we found that there would be a few gates to open.

Peter & Margaret then Sue & Ann following. Not easy to take a photo, leaning out the window on a very rough road!
This is the hill but was not a problem.

The view from the top made it possible to just see the Chambers PIllar in the distance- about 9k.

Now we had to get down the other side which LOOKED awful. I nearly got out & walked down.

A little further on there were warnings about Sandhills. None of us had the “flag” so had to hope for the best. expected sand but they all had gravel over the tops so that was a bonus.

This was the first impressive site we saw.

A little further was this huge Pillar- it is much larger that I had imagined it to be from the photos in travel .

As we walked closer it became bigger & bigger.

We walked around the other side to climb the steps up to the viewing platform. The hand rain is just visible.

Feels as though you can see forever- almost out to the Stuart Highway!

There are lots of names around the base of the actual Pillar, including the folk who named the site.

Once back to camp site it was time for a cuppa before heading home. It is only $3.50PP to at the camp areas which is a bonus.

The trip back seemed, as they always do, to be much shorter.
Photo of some hills on the way in & a couple of the same hills on the way home with the sun setting. Driver would not stop so consequently the photos are blurred but can get some idea of how the colours change with the sun.

Would have been wonderful to witness sunrise/sunsets down there but could not persuade anyone to either leave here about 4am to see a sunrise or wait for the sunset. It would not have been good driving those roads in the dark anyway so they are all forgiven! Coming home once the shadows got very low the pot holes were not easy to see in the road either.
To-morrow we are heading out to the West Macdonnell ranges for a few nights so there will be no contact until we get back into Alice about Saturday.


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