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April 21, 2013

The morning we left Arthurton was very overcast & windy, and colder- the jeans had to come out from under the bed as well as warmer tops! The short trip over to Androssan was still through Broad Acre pastures which we could not see as the road was lined all the way with trees. All the crops have been harvested, leaving the stubble. Some farmers have burnt their stubble as well.

One thing we have notice in nearly all of these small towns is that there are no lawn footpaths & very few garden lawns. It would be virtually impossible to keep them alive after realising how little rain is deposited here. The gardens are, however, beautiful with roses by the hundreds. Noticed many dahlias as well.
Got out of the car on the water front here in Ardrossan- high cliffs- to take some photos & was nearly blown away. We had been warned that the Yorke Pen. was a very windy spot. It is a very cold wind as well.
We were here early as Bruce had a dentist appointment at 9.30am. Drove around for a while before having morning tea in front of the Dentist building. While waiting I did a little grocery shopping, couple of bottles of vino & had a prescription filled.

Left Ardrossan with a stop to walk up the BHP lookout. A mine site here but do not know what is mined as no signs anywhere. Overlooked the huge grain storage & jetty. Nearly got blown away on top of the hill.

We drove a short distance & turned east towards the ocean, possibly to stay there for the night. Had lunch there but decided that it was just too windy. Rang a few Caravan parks for prices, availability etc.
Due to school holidays in SA the prices had all risen as well as having no vacancies. Lastly rang the Pine Point Park, just a short distance down the coast road. Fortunately they had a vacancy at a 13 site camping park they manage at Black Point. It is only $20 with water front views. Free washing machine even though a very old twintub! Old but clean amenity block as well. We put the awning up the first day here so I could hang the washing under it- showers forecast.
Well, what a night! The noise with the washing flapping in the strong wind was not good. Fortunately the awning was very anchored very securely.
Saturday, yesterday, we did a full day touristy thing around the bottom of the Yorke Pen, including the Innes NP.

Once again most of the countryside was hidden by trees lining the road.

This is beside the Caravan Park in Stansbury, there were probably over 100 old vans parked here. We did not see any “For sale” signs anywhere though & if a van grave yard rather appropriately situated opposite the town cemetery!.

We did not drive into Port Giles but could see the port from the next town of Edithburg.

We could not tell driving past whether this was water of salt, however after reading the sign, realized that it is salt.

We decided to have lunch here before heading further around the bottom of the Peninsular. This swimming pool is closed for a few months of the year.

This little fellow was basking in the warm sunshine

Travelling along we could a huge plume of smoke in the direction we were heading- possibly in the NP?

As we got closer to the smoke it was obvious that it was not down in the NP but the conditions were becoming very smokey & dark.

The sun was a ball of red through the smoke haze.
We entered the Innes NP & to the ranger station to pay our $8 vehicle entry fee. She advised us that it was a controlled burnoff in another park & that the smoke was caused by them “damping Down”.

There is a Ship Wreck trail around the Peninsular for you to follow if so desired.

There is a lone fisherman on the beach in the first of these 4 photos- he was in car park when we and another couple pulled up. None of us could work out how or what part of the cliffs he got down there! maybe just rolled down the hill.
A variety of native plants survive in this area.

The next stop in the NP was at the beach where the “Ethel” & “Ferrett” were ship wrecked.

These signs are in need of upkeep – very hard to read all the details.
On the way back we stopped for a 2klm walk around the Inneston Historic Village.

All the sites are well named & one can only imagine the conditions in which they lived and survived.

Walked a little further & guess who found a Bakery but unfortunately it was not baking yesterday!

A little further on we came across the horse stables & machinery.

Walking further we came across some old buildings which have been renovated, gas attached, water tanks , and now being used for rental accommodation.

it is very obvious why this cottage is called the “Norfolk Cottage”

On the last part of the walk we saw what used to be the tennis court.

The Post Office has been beautifully restored by volunteers.

Sun through the smoke haze & some Mallaleuca.

After leaving the NP we drove up the west coast towards Corny point. After that just drove home as decided it was too late to do any more sight seeing for the day.

Decided to have the day at the van to-day & finish around Minlaton Monday.
To-day has turned out to be an awful day, started raining during the night with strong wind gusts. Occasional burst of sunshine. Decided to do some washing & dry in “drying room/ensuite” in van with heater. It really works well as have done this many times when necessary.

We hope for good weather to-morrow as there is a lot to see around Minlaton apparently.


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