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Auburn to Ardrossan

April 18, 2013

Monday Morning we left Auburn after spending four days with friends. We had to find someone who would repair the Electric brake on the van- it was burnt after an inner bearing “packed it in” . We given good advice from locals we met at Auburn so we headed west to Aussie By Design Caravans to book van in for work to be done. Got there & he immediately unhooked our van, told us to follow him around the back of his business where he has a caravan park established for travellers who need work of any description done on their van. This park has All facilities, including a dump site. For those of you who do not know what a dump site is, it is a spot for caravanners to empty their toilets.

W settled in then did a drive around this small, very old town. Spoke to some Fishermen who had just come it at the wharf- they gave us 3 Salmon trout, which we had for dinner that night- Yum.

The first morning we were there we had a Devonshire morning tea with 2 other couples from Rockhampton as well as a couple who had been with us at Auburn.

I jokingly said, to the owner of the business, that I would make the scones the next day if he promised to have our van ready to leave Wednesday- which he did!.

Wednesday morning we headed west for Kadina then an overnight stop at Tickera Bay.

This country is still very dry- months since they have had “rain!”

This part of the coast was kept alive in the 1800 by the Cornish miners in the Copper mines.

One of the old buildings in Kardina.

The beach at Tickera Bay where we camped for the night is covered with this white stuff which looks like shredded paper! I am assuming that it is a type of seagrass. This plant with the red is another one on the beach.

We left Tickera Beach, after being the only ones there so it was a very peaceful stay. Following the coast south the next town was Wallaroo. This town is the port for the ferry to travel over to the Eyre Peninsular, as well as being a grain loading port.

The chimney stacks here in Wallaroo, relics of the Copper mining in the 1800s, early 1900. The Welsh build their stacks square & you will see the Cornish built their’s round when we get down to Moonta.

A large carrier coming into load grain. The ferry leaves 8am & returns about 12md. The cost for transport is $30 per metre length of vehicle as well as $30 pp one way. That would mean that for us to go one way with van would cost over $400! So much cheaper to drive up to Port Augusta then down the Eyre Peninsular.

The grain loading facilities.

After a tourist drive around Wallaroo & seeing the beautiful old buildings, well maintained. Many of them have Wrought Iron trims.
The next stop was at Australia’s Little Cornwall town of Moonta, know for past copper mines & Cornish Pasties.

This is a totally deserted old home. Unfortunately the Miner’s cottage was not open to-day for us to do a tour.
Got all details from Information centre which is in the old Railway Station, for the train ride through ex mining sites.

Remind you of someone- maybe the famous Ned Kelly our Bushranger!

This old building is the Miner’s school & now the museum.

Settled in for to-night behind the church at Atherton, which is a designated overnight stop.


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