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April 14, 2013

Back tracking from Parilla with some photos- got a little bit ahead of myself. Very difficult to remember which day and where we have been so here are some photos between Goroke & Parilla.

There are sheds on all properties with hundreds of bales of hay – cattle feed. It is either in these bales or large round type bales.

We decided to have a pit stop as well as lunch in Bordertown. The Bakery- naturally- has been built around the old Police station which is an interesting way of preserving an old building.

Lunch but not saying which couple had which items!

Parilla is the potato capital of South Australia, which we read on a sign.
Before we left Parilla we had to make a decision as to which way to avoid heavy traffic on the way up to Auburn- we decided which way to turn as we left each town!

Basically this is the scenery through all of this country. Grain crops, some sheep but very few cattle that we saw. We passed through Lameroo, then headed north towards Karoonda,

winding our way towards Murray bridge then north to Mannum on the Murray Rv where we stopped for morning tea before boarding the ferry across the Rv. These ferrys are free as they are part of the highways.

Bird life on the Murray.

Our friends van crossing in front of us- we had to take the next ferry.

After morning tea we continued up to Auburn, with vineyards gradually becoming very evident as we entered the Clare Valley.

This complex, unfortunately, was not open.

This old church is in the Wombat complex as well as many other old buildings so would have been good to be able to have a wander.
We were now on the Sturt Highway & heading up to Eudunda, the birth place of Colin Thiele, of STORM BOY fame.

So very dry- there is just no green pasture anywhere.

Noticed this stone fence as we were past & no where to stop for a decent photo!

Building ruins like this are dotted everywhere along the way- they looks so sad & lonely!

In the next little town is the statue of “Curio” a famous buckjumper.

We eventually booked into Auburn Caravan Park to be met by other member of the “Travellers Chat” forum.

This is dedication to their football club. Two couple who are here are opposing team supporters & this is one couple

Always inspecting something.
The following few were taken on walk to the tiny town of Auburn for the Sunday paper & then a walk along a disused railway line.

This is a very tall tree- had to stitch 2 photos together.
Catriana noticed this ant with a very heavy load!.

This is what happens to Gum trees- even with healthy branches- possibly struck by lightening or just broke in strong wind. These trees drop branches for no reason at all so it is very unsafe to park under gum trees of any description, at any time, for any reason.

PIne cones new & old.

Tiny wind flowers in amongst the dead grass. How do they survive?

Autumn tones.
This is our last night here & to-morrow we hope to head south down to the Yorke Peninsular.


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