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March 31, 2013

We had to leave Police Paddock in drizzling rain- fortunately we had packed up the afternoon before because we were told there was a bush fire which might jump the River that afternoon/evening. The police as well as the CFA had been warning campers. The gravel roads were very wet so we collected a little more dirt on the van & Patrol

These are the last photos from the Police Paddock. Bruce & Chuck discussing Solar panels. The moon coming up between the trees & these 2 Galahs could possibly have eggs in this tree- they look so in love!
We went through Rutherglen on way to Wangaratta. Not easy finding space for 2 cars with vans on the day before Good Friday. We had to get some fruit, veges & water before heading to our next stop at Whitfield- apparently a great spot beside the King Rv in the picturesque King Valley. Also refuelled here.
The country certainly changed once we left Wangaratta- vineyards started to appear on either side of the road, green everywhere with beautiful dairy cattle.

Father always seems to be looking after fires- a little smaller than cane fires though!

This is our water front view at the King Rv- no fish though.

Moonlight then mist the next morning- & rather cold as well.

Catriana on our morning walk- 9 degrees when we left at 7.30am.

Wash day for us all- only one rotary clothes line for approximately 100 caravans, tenters, camper trailers, campervans! Far too many for the amenity block to handle. No potable water at sites.
Only positive is the water frontage, but the company makes up for all the negatives. Bob, another member of Caravaners Forum inspected the work done on our Engle in Bundaberg & assured us that it is all OK.

Easter Saturday Chuck & Catriana in their car, & us in ours did a Trip up to Powers Lookout-
20ks up a continual winding road then 3 ks dirt into lookout.

Once at the top the view was amazing,

looking up & down the valley-cars looked like ants.

We could hear a Lyre bird just beside the track- or seemed to be- but we could not see it. The call from it intermingled with Kookaburra & Magpie as well as an occasional Cocky was beautiful. On the way back we bought some fresh blueberries, Blueberry jam & 4 citrus marmalade from a roadside stall.
Happy hour was over the other side of the road with other forum members who were on unpowered sites, then about 5.30 we came back to our own fire, dinner of Corn meat with all the trimmings then Billy tea.
Because “over the road” adjoins a huge herd of milking cows & they tent to camp beside the fence, the flies over there are really bad- we have them on the “North Shore” but are controllable with our Desert Dwellers Cream.

The last two from the lookout are three photos stitched to get more of an idea of the view.
This is 6.30am on Easter Sunday, very dark & am listening to the Magpies just waking up. Mornings & evenings are extremely noisy with the Cockatoos screeching over head. We have one small waterbird here- must be the black sheep(bird) of the family as since we got here it has been the only one.


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