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March 25, 2013

After visiting the Pilliga Discovery centre at Baradine on 21st March we headed east towards where the Sculptures in the Scrub can be viewed. This road goes towards the Newell Highway & is all dirt, varying from good to corrugated gravel to some loose sand. It just needs to be travelled with care, especially in the sandy parts. There are no overhanging limbs so not a problem with vans. There are a couple of dips which need some care as well. Got out to the rest area- looks reasonably new with water tanks,(not treated) drop toilets- spotless- & plenty of tables under cover. There are also plenty of level parking areas for the night & we were the only ones there.

About 4pm, when it had got cooler, we did the 1.7 klm round walk to the Sculptures.

The walk is on undulating tracks with some well made steps but not a lot. After all the Sculptures the track winds down into the “gorge” for a very cool walk back to camp.We only saw one kangaroo & heard only a willy wagtail.

Friday 22nd we left the forest & out to the Newell highway, only going 8ks down before we turned off to have a look at the Limestone Caves, not knowing what to expect. These caves are only about 1k off the highway then a 1.7 k easY walk. They were really a sight to see. Took so many photos as all were so different in colour & formation.

Arriving in Dubbo we had to purchase a new Auxiliary battery for the Nissan. Parked at Info centre having lunch & a couple pulled up & commented on our dirty van!- their van was spotless!. Got talking, as you do, & they are from Rothwell, about 2 ks from where we live. Stop for this night was at Ponto Falls south of Dubbo, a nice spot beside the Macquarie Rv.

Spent a peaceful night there before moving down to Wellington where we decided to do a cave tour. This one was very disappointing after some we have seen on WA, the Abercrombie caves in NSW & the Chillagoe Caves in QLD.

After Wellington the next “touristy” place was The birth place of Don Bradman at Cootamundra.

After shopping at Cootamundra we travelled across to the Hume Highway- this countryside is very dry. Most properties appear to be sheep and grain.

Down the highway to Holbrook & the Submarine

We soon crossed the border into Victoria, totally bypassing Albury Wodonga which was good- been to both places before. We were soon beside the Murray River to join friends there. No amenities here – about 10 campers along a stretch of the river . Not a lot of places to park which will give good sunlight all day for the solar panels & there are many gum trees not to park beneath!They tend to drop their branches at any time.


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