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March 21, 2013

You can take the boy out of the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the boy!

Revisited Sawn Rocks in the Kaputar Ranges.

Monday morning the 18th March we left our family at Bellata & headed out to Pillaga Bore for a couple of nights. Usually go to Burren Junction but were told last year that there has been a lot of improvements at Pilliga so decided to check it out. Sign saying cleaned every Friday (pool) but it has obviously been done for a couple of weeks a there is a build up of “moss” on floor & walls, but not as bad as Burren normally is! Locals have “burnt” one of the toilets & not repaired as yet. Apparently the man who looks after the complex has had his hours cut by half & not enough time to attend to all he has to look after. There are not a lot of travellers here as I guess it is still too early for all the southerners to have arrived.
Cooked home grown lamb chops on the very clean gas BBQ yesterday evening for dinner- the tiny bush flies soon arrived as well.

Cotton crops between Wee Waa & Pilliga

Went for a walk this morning through part of the Pilliga wetlands- shall go further early in the morning.

Do no know what this tiny bird is- they just move so quickly it was hit & miss taking a photo. They were diving into the water under the bridge I was standing on.


Just on sunset

Sunrise over the wetlands- there are not a great variety of birds here- usual ducks, ibis etc but as soon as they see anyone they take off very quickly. Disturbed a few roos having their early morning drink. Cattle totally ignored me, as did the horses I saw, a couple of which were chasing the roos.

The water was so calm the reflections were almost perfect.

To get into the 37 degree water in the pool after this 3k walk was wonderful- like prunes after 2 hours in the water. Doing this twice a day & great to talk withe other travellers & hear about their trips. There are couples here from Tewantin, Kallangur, Kilcoy, Noosa, Bracken Ridge. One couple are good friends with the son of the family who had the farm next to McLellans at Bucca.

Amenities at the Pilliga Sports ground- do not know if it is still used though.
Now at Baradine, south of Pilliga & have phone/internet service for the first time since leaving Narrabri on Monday. Now heading out to the Pilliga forest to see the sculptures then the caves. Will camp there for the night then move south to-morrow some time.


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